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UNWE protest

It Bulgaria it was planned the university fees to be increased dramatically this year despite the severe economic crisis. Many students from Sofia University united and made a great successful protest against that decision.
In the Economic University ,the members of the student council (who are ambitious and greedy people by default) voted FOR the so planned 33% increase.  So they betrayed their colleagues. Nevertheless a protest took place there. Unfortunately it was unsuccessful and another one was organised some weeks later. With the support of their colleagues from Sofia University,who showed solidarity, they made a peaceful protest. Despite that fact, the police was called at the so called autonomic territory of the university. This act was very insulting and angered the students who were fighting for their rights. 
However, thanks to their will and enthusiasm they showed strong determination against the commercialization of the education. What will happen next- to be continued...
One thing is sure- the students are not giving up!
On April 4, 2013 was held the second student protest in the University. Over one hundred students expressed their clear position against increased fees by 33%.
protest unss 6

Education is a right, not a privilege


protest unss 5

Soviet student is better than a member of the student council
University of Economics we are not student council
We will not pay


protest unss 23

This is not academism. This is not Harvard. This is fascism, University of Economics


protest unss 2

You have no mercy, dear teachers!


protest inss 1

We have ideas, we have no money


protest unss 7

33% forget about it


protest unss

Mr Statty (the first name of the rector) we are not cash machines


protest unss 11

UNWE -Ultraexpensive National Worthless Education



protest unss 215

The old scrooges have gone out of their minds