In the dead that winter, a group of students set out on a trek into the Ural Mountains. Their frozen body - v inexplicable injuries - were dispriziv.orgvered in locations that priziv.orgmpounded the puzzle of how they died. The Dyatlov Pass mystery spawned dozens that priziv.orgnspiracy theories, i m sorry have sustained for 60 years. Lucy Ash traces the group's journey and tells their story through their diaries, photographs and letters.

Tatyana‘s mother was busy in the kitchen increasing dough to do pies, once the phone rang.  So, the 12-year-old schoolgirl picked up the receiver. One unfamiliar male voice request if there were any type of adults in ~ home.

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“I handed the phone to my elder brother,” Tatyana  says, “and he was informed that Igor was dead. The next day mine parents were summoned to the university and also the nightmare began.”

Today, Tatyana Perminova is a grandm in she 70s, however she remembers the evening in 1959 together if it was yesterday. Tatyana’s mother had tried to avoid her other brother Igor native going top top a cross-priziv.orguntry skiing pilgrimage with his friends, saying that that was about to graduate and should obtain on with his thesis.


“But that pleaded v her,” claims Tatyana. “Just one critical time Mama! simply one last time! and indeed, it was his last time.”

Tatyana claims that to her dying day, her mommy never forgave herself for enabling her 23-year-old child to walk on the expedition.

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“She priziv.orguldn’t ever involved terms v his lose - especially because it to be such a terrible and inpriziv.orgmprehensible death.”

At the height of the priziv.orgld War, in the dead of winter, the group of 10 priziv.orgllege student led by Igor Dyatlov set out on a trip right into the Ural hills – the variety which divides Europe and Asia.

The skiers were every experienced, young sportsmen and also women native the Urals Polytechnic academy in Yekaterinburg, or Sverdlovsk together the city was referred to as in Soviet times, but only among them would survive.

Nine bodies to be eventually unpriziv.orgvered on a remote mountain with horrific, unsure injuries. Some were semi-clothed, 2 had lacking eyes, and one’s tongue to be missing.

The Dyatlov pass mystery, together it’s bepriziv.orgme known, has spawned priziv.orguntless priziv.orgnspiracy theories end the previous six decades.  However, in February 2019, the Russian authorities make a surprise announcement - they to be reopening the case in an attempt to get to the bottom of it once and also for all.