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Wondering just how to gift an Audible publication to someone? Audible offers so many excellent audiobooks to enjoy, so if you recognize someone that likes listening to audiobooks then providing an Audible book as a gift is a great idea. And if she wondering just how to gift Audible books, then check out on come learn precisely what you need to do!Want to understand whether Audible is worth it? inspect out my honest review to discover if ns think the is worth the cost!

How to offer an Audible publication as a Gift

When you’re wondering how to give an Audible publication as a gift, it can be a bit complicated to number out if you’ve never ever done that before. Yet with the action by step guide below, you’ll have the Audible publication gift to buy in no time!

1. Pick the Audible publication You desire to Give

Your an initial step is to decision which Audible publication you space interested in giving. Girlfriend can quickly browse every the Audible book options on, or you have the right to log into your Audible account and browse there.Once you’ve decided what book you want to offer as a gift, log into your Audible account and also open the listing because that the location you made decision on. Because that the functions of reflecting you the procedure for providing an Audible book as a gift, okay be utilizing Pride and also Prejudice as an example.

2. Click “More Options” from the Audible Listing

Once you have actually your liked Audible title’s listing up on, click the “More options” button. (This step is for desktop users only. If you room shopping because that an Audible book as a gift ~ above mobile, skip to the next step).

3. Click “Give together a Gift”

After girlfriend click “More options,” a pop-up will appear with a couple of extra options. Click the bottom button with the native “Give as a gift.”

4. To fill in the Recipient’s Details and include a Gift Message

When girlfriend click the “Give together a gift” button, you’ll be required to a new page through a type where you can fill in the recipient’s details. In ~ this step, you have the right to choose in between sending her gift in an email or printing and also delivering it yourself.From this page, friend can additionally choose a delivery day if you’re moving by email (anytime within a year from the day of purchase) and add a brief personalized gift post that will be sent out to the recipient v the attach to redeem their Audible publication gift. Once you have actually filled the end the form, click “Continue.”

5. Preview her Audible book Gift

The next step in offering an Audible gift book is come preview her order. ~ above this page, you have the right to proofread all the details you submitted as well as seeing a sneak peek (on the right) the what will be sent to the recipient.

6. Click to acquisition Your Audible publication Gift

If everything looks great on the preview, then on this same web page you can choose whether you want to purchase with one Audible credit transaction or buy the book using your credit card. Once you’ve chosen, check your purchase and also you’ll be taken to a thank You web page letting you know your purchase was successful.If you decided to publish your gift rather of emailing, you’ll get instructions in ~ this allude on just how to print and fold the card. And also that’s it—you’ve learned exactly how to gift a publication on Audible!

Other Audiobook/Book Gifting Options

If girlfriend don’t have an Audible account, don’t know which publication title come give, or for any kind of other factor don’t think one Audible publication is the right choice of gift for her recipient, then there room a couple of other alternatives you should consider:Audible Membership – Gifting one Audible membership might be a better choice, especially if you don’t know what publication to choose. You can gift a 1, 3, 6, or 12 month subscription, which permits the recipient to pick their own publications to listen to!Gift a Kindle Book – If the receiver likes reading, then giving a Kindle book might it is in something they would enjoy. Gifting a Kindle ebook is easier than gifting one Audible book, and you can learn just how to gift a Kindle book here.Kindle Unlimited – Another great option is offering Kindle Unlimited, which allows the recipient come borrow and read one unlimited number of books indigenous the Kindle limitless library transparent the expression of your subscription. This is a fun method to gift them too many of books that they might enjoy! Learn exactly how to gift Kindle endless here.Amazon Kindle Gift Card – If all else fails, a Kindle gift map is an excellent choice. This gift card features the Kindle logo and the recipient can use that to acquisition Kindle publications they desire to read or anything else on Amazon. (However, gift cards room not standard to use on Audible memberships and also Audible books).

Audible book Gift FAQ

Still have actually questions relating to just how to gift books on Audible? here are a couple of frequently inquiry questions. If girlfriend don’t watch your question answered here, feel free to ask it in the comments!

1. Have the right to I use a gift card to buy an Audible publication as a gift?

No, unfortunately not. Amazon does no make Audible-specific gift cards anymore, and regular gift cards can not be supplied to purchase Audible publications or Audible memberships.

2. Deserve to I usage a coupon when purchasing one Audible publication as a gift?

No, coupons cannot be supplied on the acquisition of a gift title. You have the right to use Audible coupons once purchasing titles for yourself, just not as soon as you buy an Audible publication as a gift.

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3. What wake up if ns send who a location they already own?

If you’re concerned around gifting who an Audible title the they already own, nothing be worried! If the recipient currently has the location in your Audible library, they deserve to exchange the title because that a credit transaction or coupon the they deserve to use on a different publication that is no in their library.