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Is over there a reliable means to tell the the email I have actually sent has been read by the recipient?

The quick answer is NO!

There are three main methods provided to check whether an e-mail has been read.

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A read ReceiptA delivery ReceiptAn picture in one HTML email.

None of thesemethods arereliable and to a details extent space pointless.

The check out Receipt

Let’s study the very first method – The Read Receipt.

Users that Outlook can ask for a read receipt the asks the recipient to confirm you have actually read the email. This is how to do it.

Create a brand-new Email messageClick the Options button in the toolbarTick package that says Request a read receipt because that this messageClose the Options box, finish the message and Send in the usual way.

Now when the recipient receives the message they are given a choice to send the review receipt or not. And that’s the point – They have a choice and also many people select to say NO. In fact many corporate email servers deny check out receipts from the server – not also affording the recipient the choice to speak yes or no. Some email client plainly neglect the "read receipt" protocol - e.g. Hotmail, Gmail etc.

At finest a read receipt can be provided to communicate that this email is crucial to you. What is totally pointless is setting read receipts in the regime (in Tools / Options / Email Options / Tracking Options) so that it is asked for for every email you send. This will certainly serve come annoy many recipients and foul increase the web with unnecessary traffic.

The delivery Receipt

Again in Outlook the delivery receipt attempts to send friend a post to tell girlfriend whether her email has actually successfully discovered the email server for the recipient. It doesn"t call you even if it is the email has actually actually been read and also at ideal it will certainly confirm that the email deal with you sent to exists. However many email servers will not even administer any delivery information (possibly to stop spammers obtaining such information).

Using an image in the email

The third method is slightly more reliable. Commonly used by mass mailing programs, it uses HTML written email to include picture that is presented in the email from a remote server. Occasionally the photo is invisible (e.g. A little white dot). When the photo is displayed the time and date have the right to be gathered (even the number of times it to be read). However this an approach is supplied by spamming programmes so numerous email program block images until the recipient chooses to display it. (Which they may select not to)

Ultimate Proof?

So if any kind of of these methods actually occupational - is that ultimate proof?

Even if you obtain a read receipt informing you the the email has actually been presented on the recipients computer, it doesn’t prove the they review it. They may have discarded it before reading or it may have actually been read by somebody else.


There is no dependable method to check whether an e-mail has been read.

Use read receipts really sparingly for when you want to communicate extra urgent/important emails.

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If you would like a human to check receipt of an e-mail – ask them in your email message.