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"The devil Went under to Georgia" is a track written and performed through the Charlie Daniels Band and also released on your 1979 album Million Mile Reflections. The tune is composed in the crucial of D minor. Vassar Clements initially wrote the basic melody an octave lower, in a tune called "Lonesome violin Blues" released on Clements" self-titled 1975 album on i m sorry Charlie Daniels played guitar. The Charlie Daniels Band moved it increase an octave and also put words come it. The song"s verses space closer to being talked rather than sung (i. E., recitation), and tell the story that a boy named Johnny, in a variant on the classic address the Devil. The performances of Satan and also Johnny room played as crucial bridges. The tune was the band"s best hit, getting to number three on the Billboard hot 100, prevent from further chart motion by "After The Love has Gone" through Earth, Wind and Fire and also "My Sharona" through The Knack. It is featured in the 1980 film urban Cowboy, whose choreographer, Patsy Swayze, cases that she set the song"s tempo. "How rapid can you dance it?" Daniels asked. "How rapid can girlfriend play it?" Swayze replied, but considering that the song was videotaped in December 1978 and Urban Cowboy to be filmed in 1979, that would have actually been difficult for Swayze to collection the recorded song"s tempo.more »

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The adversary went down to GeorgiaHe to be lookin" because that a soul to stealHe was in a bind"Cause he was method behindAnd he to be willin" to make a dealWhen he come upon this young manSawin" top top a fiddle and also playin" that hotAnd the adversary jumpedUp on a hickory stumpAnd said, "boy, allow me tell friend whatI guess friend didn"t understand itBut I"m a violin player tooAnd if you"d care to take a dare, I"ll do a bet v youNow girlfriend play a pretty an excellent fiddle, boyBut offer the devil his dueI"ll bet a fiddle of goldAgainst your soul"Cause i think I"m much better than you."The young said, "my name"s JohnnyAnd it could be a sinBut I"ll take her betAnd you"re gonna regret"Cause I"m the best there"s ever been."Johnny, rosin up your bow and play your fiddle hard"Cause hell"s broke loose in Georgia, and the devil deals the cardsAnd if friend win, you get this shiny violin made of goldBut if friend lose, the adversary gets your soulThe evil one opened up his caseAnd he said, "I"ll start this show."And fire flew indigenous his fingertipsAs the rosined increase his bowThen he traction the bow across the stringsAnd the made an evil hissAnd a band of demons joined and it sound something choose thisWhen the devil finishedJohnny said, "well, you"re pretty good, old sonBut sit under in that chair best thereAnd allow me show you exactly how it"s done."He played Fire on the hill run boys, runThe devil"s in the residence of the rising SunChicken in a bread pan pickin" out doughGranny, does her dog bite? No child, noThe devil bowed his headBecause he knew that he"d to be beatAnd he laid that gold fiddleOn the ground in ~ Johnny"s feetJohnny said, "Devil, just come on backIf you ever want to shot againI excellent told you when you son of a bitchI"m the finest that"s ever been."He played Fire on the hill run boys, runThe devil"s in the house of the increasing SunChicken in a bread pan pickin" out doughGranny, does her dog bite? No child, no

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Charlie Daniels Charles Edward "Charlie" Daniels (born on October 28, 1936) is an American musician well-known for his contribute to country and southern absent music. That is perhaps finest known for his number one country hit "The evil one Went down to Georgia", and also multiple other songs he has actually written and also performed. Daniels has been active as a singer due to the fact that the early on 1950s. He to be inducted right into the cool Ole Opry top top January 24, 2008. Much more »

Written by: Charles Fred Hayward, Charlie Daniels, Fred Edwards, James W. Marshall, john Crain, wilhelm J. Digregorio