In Carrie Fisher’s new book, “The Princess Diarist,” she opens up up about her three-month affair through Harrison Ford while filming the an initial “Star Wars” film.

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American actors note Hamill, Carrie Fisher and also Harrison Ford on the collection of Star Wars: illustration IV - A brand-new Hope written, directed and produced by Georges Lucas. (Photo through Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images)
The actress that played Princess Leia has actually had numerous humorous public appearances.

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In a 2009 interview through’s Campbell Brown, Carrie Fisher states she did not desire to go into present business since she experienced what occurred to parents Debbie Reynolds and also Eddie Fisher.

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during a 1990 interview v’s Larry King, Carrie Fisher talked around her previous addiction come prescription drugs.

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Carrie Fisher lashed out at body-shamers on Twitter after she appearance was criticized in “Star Wars: The pressure Awakens.”

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In a 1990 interview v’s Larry King, Carrie Fisher opens up around being the daughter the Hollywood royalty, she battles through addiction and also life together an writer after “Star Wars.”

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Ford claimed he had some warning about revelations in Carrie Fisher memoir

Actor claims he hasn"t review Fisher"s publication detailing affair throughout "Star Wars" filming

“Star Wars” pan may have pored end the details the Carrie Fisher’s affair v Harrison Ford in her last book, however he didn’t.

turns out Ford hasn’t check out it.

In one interview with GQ, the actor comment to questions about Fisher’s 2016 memoir, “The Princess Diarist.”

Fisher, who passed away in December shortly after the book’s release, revealed in it the she carried on a partnership with Harrison ~ above the set of the now iconic 1977 film.

Carrie Fisher is seen as Princess Leia on the collection of George Lucas" "Star Wars: episode IV -- A brand-new Hope" in 1977. The American actress and also writer is best-known for her portrayal of Princess Leia in the "Star Wars" movie franchise. Fisher was hospitalized December 23 in Los Angeles after experiencing a love attack. Fisher passed away on Tuesday, December 27. She to be 60.
Fisher was born in Beverly Hills ~ above October 21, 1956, to Eddie Fisher and also Debbie Reynolds. Here, they gaze proudly at your newborn daughter on January 2, 1957.
Debbie Reynolds provides her very first appearance on Broadway in a remake of the 1919 music "Irene" in 1973. Fisher, seated on the floor, dropped the end of high institution at period 15 and was featured in the musical as component of the chorus.
Warren Beatty and also Fisher, climate 17, take a break throughout filming of the movie "Shampoo" in 1974. Fisher has acted in films, plays and television shows, and also has composed a variety of best-selling books.
mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker), Fisher and also Harrison Ford (Han Solo) on the collection of "Star Wars: episode IV -- A new Hope" in 1977.

Harrison Ford and Fisher adopt during filming that "Star Wars: episode V - The realm Strikes Back" in 1980. ~ above November 16, 2016, Fisher revealed to people magazine that she and also co-star Ford had an affair throughout the 1976 filming of "Star Wars."

Fisher smiles because that a photo in 1980. Fisher is a well-respected script medical professional of such movies as "The Wedding Singer" and also "Sister Act."

Fisher stars in the film, "Star Wars: Episode through -- Return that the Jedi" in 1983. The "gold bikini" is among her most famed costumes together Princess Leia. In addition to her exhilaration career, Fisher -- who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at period 24 -- has lobbied as an support for mental health awareness and also treatment and has spoken before the California state Senate.
Musician Paul Simon poses for a snapshot with Fisher in 1983. The two were married in August and also divorced around one year later in July 1984.
Meryl Streep, left -- who shown a character based upon Fisher in the film adaptation the Fisher"s 1987 novel, "Postcards indigenous the Edge" -- is seen at the film"s premiere in Century City, California, ~ above September 10, 1990.
Fisher attends a publication signing for she novel, "The best Awful," in Beverly Hills, California, in 2004. The semi-autobiographical novel fictionalized occasions from Fisher"s life.
"Star Wars" trio note Hamill, left, Fisher and also Harrison Ford speak throughout a tribute to filmmaker George Lucas at the 33rd American film Institute Life success Award event in Hollywood on June 9, 2005.
Fisher takes part in a dress rehearsal for her play "Wishful Drinking" in ~ the Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles in 2006.
Fisher poses v her mommy Debbie Reynolds and also daughter billy Catherine Lourd at the 21st yearly Screen actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles top top January 25, 2015.
Fisher salutes together she poses with a storm trooper at the european premiere of "Star Wars: The pressure Awakens" in main London ~ above December 16, 2015.
Domhnall Gleeson, left, Hugo Sigman, Fisher, and Damian Szifron pose for a photo at the EE british Academy film Awards in London ~ above February 14, 2016. Your film, "Wild Tales," won the BAFTA compensation for finest film not in the English language.
Tom Hiddleston look at on together Fisher and also her dog, Gary, arrive for the 102nd White house Correspondents" association dinner in Washington ~ above April 30, 2016.
Fisher to be 19 once she landed the breakthrough duty of Princess Leia. At the time, Ford, then 33, to be married to mar Marquardt, through whom he had actually two children.

Carrie Fisher to write of Harrison Ford affair

inquiry by GQ how he felt once Fisher’s publication came out, Ford said, “It to be strange. Because that me.”

as to whether he had actually any advancement warning around Fisher’s revelations, Ford was more circumspect.

“Um, come a degree,” he said. “Yes.”

The gibbs didn’t desire to obtain into specifics, that said.

“You know, v Carrie’s untimely passing, i don’t yes, really feel the it’s a subject that I desire to discuss,” Ford called the publication.

prior to her death, Fisher talked to world magazine about her relationship with Ford.

“It to be so intense,” she said. “It to be Han and Leia throughout the week, and Carrie and also Harrison during the weekend.”

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