Laith Habahbeh walked around and also was baffled. The setting was not what the expected.

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“The very first thing i was thinking was has actually a many LDS people,” Habahbeh said. “I expected it to be 70% or 80%, however it’s 99% to 1%, so the was a culture shock.”

Habahbeh was surprised through the human being and society at Habahbeh is a Muslim from Jordan. That learned about the respect Code, i beg your pardon aligns with his beliefs, so he chose to come to and study economics. Not just did he endure a shock comes from a different country, however the method people communicate here was also not what that expected.

“I felt choose it’s entirely different 보다 what ns pictured,” that said.

Despite the early stage shock, Habahbeh claimed provides a safe and also wholesome environment and also that that enjoys the education.

“I love exactly how it pushes girlfriend to find out more,” that said. “Some that my favourite things about are exactly how polite human being are, and also the level of intellectuality and spirituality.”

He said it’s difficult when that sees world who don’t desire anyone come think badly of them and just desire everyone to prefer them.

“People are an ext enclosed here, yet still nice, formal and also friendly,” Habahbeh said.

He said people where he is from trust each other beforehand on and become rapid friends and also that those friendships space lasting, whereas the feels that at, the is the one constantly initiating the interaction.

Melissa Tartaglio and also her Russian Orthodox church group visiting a gravesite that a recently well-known saint on your mission in Alaska in 2017. (Melissa Tartaglio)

Hague is native Idaho and also was acquainted with the Church. The attends church each week with his friends and even has a calling. He to be baptized right into the Catholic Church and he considers himself to be a Christian.

When Hague first came to, he was shocked at just how unified the college student body seemed.

“That’s certainly not together common,” he said.

Raised Catholic, his requirements were pretty comparable to those in ~, however one the the hardest things for Hague is exclusivity.

“Being a non-member automatically places you on the outside, for this reason you have actually to proactively seek out and also become component of the ward and also other things, yet it’s a many fun,” Hague said.

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The variety of students that room not members top top the campus is small. spokesperson Todd Hollingshead said around 1.5% that the student body are not members of the Church.