One of the many exciting, and also sometimes challenging, components of visiting a Disney Park is finding your favorite Disney personality live and in the “flesh.” Some characters have stationary meet and also greet spots; some host character meals; part float roughly the parks and some room in multiple point out (due come Disney magic, of course) at the very same time. One of the many popular, and also newest, Disney personalities to set up residence in Disney human being is Princess Elena the Avalor native the Disney junior hit TV show.

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Here is a overview of every one of my “Where come Find” Disney character posts.

Where can you uncover Princess Elena that Avalor at Disney World?

Currently, Princess Elena the Avalor shares Princess fairytale Hall with Cinderella. Princess Fariytale Hall deserve to be uncovered in the Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland area directly behind Cinderella Castle and opposite the courtyard area indigenous Mickey’s PhilharMagic (mapped location here).

If girlfriend aren’t acquainted with Princess fairy tales Hall, it is essentially a series of long hallways because that a queue area with two themed rooms whereby visitors deserve to meet, chat and take images with various princesses. It opened in 2013, replacing snow White’s Scary Adventures. There have been a variety of princesses the have dubbed Princess fairy tales Hall due to the fact that then many notably Elsa and also Anna were there for a kind amount the time when the Frozen craze was going on.

Disney does market Fastpass+ because that the Elena the Avalor/Cinderella meet and greet, which is commonly a wise selection since the wait have the right to be long, in ~ times.

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I hope this helps. If you have other Disney people spots friend have discovered Elena in, please leave a comment below and also share your find!

Note: This article is part of a new series that Disney FAQ posts. Going forward, I will certainly answer several of the most common questions I acquire in these species of write-ups so everyone will have actually the answer. If you have actually a Disney-related question, please shoot me a rapid email below with her question.


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