BIBLICAL archaeologists have declared to have narrowed down places that might be the an enig hiding location of the legendary lost Ark that the Covenant.

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The sacred relic — known as the thrown that God — has been sought for centuries by archaeologists, a find made famed by the fictional 1981 Steven Spielberg movie Raiders the the lost Ark.


Scholars that the Old Testament believe that the Ark was a wood box around four feet long, two feet high and also two feet wide.

It was claimed to be spanned inside out through gold and also crowned with two winged angels. 

When complete it included two stone tablets inscribed v the Ten Commandments i m sorry Moses got from God on mount Sinai.

The Ark is also believed by part to contain other biblical items such together Aaron’s rod — thought by some to wield mythological powers.

For this reason, sweetheart hunters and archaeologists have long to be fascinated through finding the lost Ark, i beg your pardon is thought to have actually vanished about 687 BC once the Babylonians destroyed Jerusalem.

But 2 compelling theories room today being pursued in the bid to discover the Bible's most essential relic.





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Researchers at the bible Archaeology, find & expedition (BASE) Institute, established by NASA moonwalking astronaut James Irwin, have actually been follow a theory for more than two decades that suggests the Ark was privately taken the end of old Israel and also to Ethiopia.

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Leading the BASE’s search is Dr Bob Cornuke, an ex-crime scene investigator and member of an upstream Swat team unit, who is currently a real-life Indiana Jones hunting down relics the the Bible.

He told sun Online: "After 23 year of research study and more than 20 trips to Ethiopia, as crazy as it might sound.

"I believe the Ark may really well be covert away now in a church called Saint mar of Zion in Axum, in the highlands that Ethiopia."