Pasco ar Sheriff’s Office placed a brand-new recruit to an excellent work as soon as they – fairly literally – threw him priziv.orge the dogs. Footage mutual to facebook on December 4 shows brand-new “officer” (an Elf ~ above the Shelf doll dressed in a tiny cop uniform) being provided as a chew toy by one of the force’s K9s. “Bet you regret volunteering because that the bite fit now, Depu D Elf,” the sheriff’s office wrote alongside the footage. Credit: Pasco Sheriff’s Office via Storyful


Some world love it, yet for other people, Elf ~ above the Shelf is the worst.

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Between having to remind kids he’s watching lock every time castle naughty and the reality that you’re intended to produce a new little Elf scene every single night, the Elf on the Shelf method one thing for parents: an ext work.

And while the nice to watch all the cute creativity that goes into the #ElfOnTheShelf articles on Instagram – elves eating Christmas cookie or cruising down the bannister in a home-made car – seeing every the Elf top top the Shelf fails is so much an ext awesome.

These are our favourite six ideal (or worst) Elf on the Shelf fails. 

Stripper elves

In i beg your pardon the Elf ~ above the Shelf go to check out the pole dancers. In the caption, that looks prefer the genius that dreamed up this scene believed the kids would have no idea what that was, but how else to be he to plan to define an Elf doing the splits in prior of one Elf with a stack of notes?

Elves of questionable taste. Photo:

The dog ate my Elf

Dogs and cats capturing and dismembering elves is, unsurprisingly, a priziv.orgmon theme with Elf ~ above the Shelf fails. Periodically the Elf simply gets a small roughed up, periodically it gets totally eaten other than for a sad little cap, and sometimes that body gets ripped clean in half.

This mum worked out her devastating sewing skills to fix the Elf. The result? we’ll be nice and just speak it’s a wee little bit lopsided.


All I gained for Christmas was mauled by the dog.

When great Elves walk bad

This mum assumed it would certainly be hilarious if the Elf drew on her children faces through blue texta if they to be sleeping.

And to be fair, the is priziv.orgpletely hilarious. Even the kids’ crying encounters are hilarious. Maybe they should have actually listened when their mum told lock to prevent fighting.



Want much more Elf inspiration? below are part Aussie influenced Elf ~ above the Shelf ideas and here is one mum" dispute that Elf top top the Shelf isn" in reality THAT hard. 

Crime step Elves

The best thing about this scene is that the creator captioned the " angels", not realising that clearly it" a crime scene and the Elf is lie in a swimming pool of its own blood. 


Things just acquired dark. Photo:

Let the goooooo

This one isn" so much a fail for the parents yet a fail for the Elf who, according to the genius caption, just wouldn" let the go. 

Can" hold it ago anymoooore. Photo: Joe Gilmour 

Up in smoke

It would certainly seem that some parents can use a lesson in fire safety, since a surprising number of Elves acquire melted due to the fact that they’re inserted too near to irradiate bulbs… or because they gain hidden in ovens.

You check out that right. One night Brittany Mease forgot to relocate her Elf ~ above the Shelf, so prior to the youngsters noticed, she took it and also shoved that in the range to hide it until she had actually a opportunity to put it into its following position.

Then the many predictable sequence of occasions happened. She forgot the Elf was in the oven. She turn on the oven to make the youngsters lunch. The Elf melted because that a full 10 minutes before a suspiciously plasticky odor filled the kitchen. She opened up the oven and also discovered the fear of a melted Elf.

She take it the Elf the end of the oven and prepared to have actually a laugh through the youngsters when her eldest burst into tears.

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It’s beforehand in the season, however we’re going to speak to it: this is the many epic Elf top top the Shelf failure of 2019.

OH THE HUMANITY. Photo: Brittany Mease

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