this is a an excellent show but beware the very first part that the movie. Santa states to the elf wow you have actually a huge job to do this human does not think in santa anymore. ns realize there room a most shows that say it but why placed the question in your mind. Simply say he lost the soul or magic. We all recognize what the means. Later in the present the elf comes ago saying he's sad he still has actually a lot of work to do and feels he's disappointing santa because the child still doesnt believe. In the end the son ends increase believing. But like i said saying the words is very direct.

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There room a many of great Christmas mirrors out over there ... The classics such as Rudolph and also Frosty. Or new titles, such as the Prep and Landing series. This ... Is not among them. Syrupy and also overdone. The music numbers space cheesy. I guess kids will it is in okay with it, since after all, the bar is pretty low for 2 year olds.
I can't think this infomercial is even enabled to exist to educate our youngsters on just how to be materialistic. There isn't a solitary original or amazing or clever idea in this movie and also to compare it come Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer is pure malarkey. This is a driveling, obnoxious, sad excuse because that a cartoon that holds no educational or moral value to advantage the future. Over there is no depth, no class of subtlety, and boring simplistic design. The is merely a long commercial. My 4 year old to be uninterested and also forgot about it 2 minutes later. Skip this one - you'll give thanks to me.
This movie is a blatant promotion of those creepy elf toys. However don't worry, it's additionally a terrible movie in its very own right - the plot is silly, the computer animation is horrible, and the actors can not sing. There space plenty of an excellent holiday movies out there. Don't bother v this one.
Jingle toe is our household elf. Mine 6yo was delighted to watch a movie based upon her favorite point ever. She watched this a million times last Christmas! The component when Chippey it s okay knocked over was too much for my 2yo last year, however she's three currently so we space going to try it again this year.

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What's not to like? as a parent I really appreciate this because that what it is--a sweet Christmas special through timeless messages favor Christmas gift a time because that forgiveness and also celebrating the season with love, joy and peace. This is cute and entertaining because that adults who watch this v their children in mind and don't expect facility plot lines. The songs are fun. There room no scary, negative guys. The themes are sweet. I perform agree through the main reviewer the if your youngsters don't currently have The Elf ~ above the Shelf they will be clamoring for it... However after watching this, I'm no so sure that is a poor thing. I can't aid but chuckle at everyone that made remarks the this is too commercial. I mean, really... Perform you think Rudolph, Frosty and Charlie Brown haven't do a fortune on merchandise? i don't think this is any kind of different and also I don't think the movie dwells top top the "product" at all--other than helping to explain that the packaging is just how an elf concerns your home. It's simple and sweet and also stays true come the soul of Christmas I want my children to celebrate.