OVERLAND PARK, KS (KCTV) -- to whomever this may help in this elf season, roasted cookies no elves, one Overland Park mother warns.

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Like many households throughout the month that December, the Elf ~ above the Shelf has become a beloved legacy for parents to hide the elf doll roughly the house for children to discover each morning.

What started out as simply warming Jingle, Belle and also Magic increase in the stove after a job in the refrigerator obtained toastier than planned, many thanks to she husband.


"(He) feeling horrible, but thankfully the Elfspital gained them in quickly, and they room expected to make a complete recovery ~ several hours of reconstruction and rest," Chelsea Hightower said.

Hightower claims the day before, the elves were held hostage in the frozen fridge by the "bad milk." her husband to be on elf duty the adhering to night and thought they necessary to warmth up after a day in the refrigerator.

The work went on and also Hightower stepped the end to perform some solo Christmas shopping. She husband was residence with their three kids and was going through the activities of obtaining them food, without thinking he turned on the cooktop to preheat and proceeded v his "hubby perform list."



Elf top top the self at Wichita Marriott. Scout v be Santa"s eyes and ears while ours guest space away from your home.

Elf on the self at Wichita Marriott. Scout through be Santa"s eyes and ears while our guest space away from your home.

"It wasn’t long prior to our oldest, Braelon, concerning yell indigenous the kitchen," she recalled. "Daddy! who turned on the oven?!”

Thankfully the two youngest were in the playroom playing, therefore they only heard of your elves event as Hightower"s husband promptly got the elf’s the end of the oven.

"I then obtained a contact from Matt, oblivious indigenous what has actually just taken place and enjoying every bit of my solo outing come hear top top the various other end," she said.

“Babe, i feel horrible, i cooked the elves," Hightower"s husband said her.

After a nearly hour-hour search about Kansas City, three new elves to be found.

"Thankfully Jingle, Belle, and also Magic have made a miraculous recovery and ago to your silly ways," she said.

And now when their youngsters get older, hopefully they might take your elf with them come their own families and keep the heritage going.

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