Elf top top the Shelf Alternatives

Some that these choices to the elf ~ above the shelf were sent out to us, and also some space hyperlinked to our affiliate account, so if you decision to add some Christmas magic to your home this year, you’ll additionally be supporting my household by shopping v our links. I’ve compiled and updated this list so civilization have one idea of what is out there!

By now most people have heard that the enlightenment elf- akaElf on the Shelf. Currently it’s gone means beyond small Scout elves, and also into outfits, props, accessories, pets and also so lot fun! But…as funny as it is, no everyone loves the original Elf top top the Shelf. Space there alternatives to the elf on the shelf? Yep. Many. And..it seems like it’s a cultivation industry.

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Fun Elf Ideas: The son Elf Costume from Mandalorian… amongst US Imposter elf outfit, pop the elves in quarantine when someone gets sick or you know, when we’re in a pandemic…

We have multiple elf friends in ours family. A tiny of everything. Ours elves don’t report to Santa, yet they sure carry out like to move around and also have a many fun- and also sometimes gain into a small bit of mischief along the way. Our elves all arrive once we wake up up top top December first and once we wake up ~ above Christmas Eve, they’ve unable to do to assist Santa gain ready for THE huge NIGHT.

So, if you’re no a scout Elf family, and you’re not sure you want to execute the ‘official’ Elf ~ above the Shelf…what’s out there?


I’ve even posted the on here….and Christopher PopinKins. However they aren’t the only elves in town. Given that December is simply a couple of weeks away and many of us have our elves arriving Thanksgiving night, I assumed I’d share some of the other elves I’ve watched – we all have our own style and taste, and also to be honest, ns want among each. (I love Christmas!)

I likewise wanted come note- we do move our Elves almost every night (sometimes we forget). Our elves in our residence do not “report” on behavior. You’ll watch some elves in this short article that go together with that idea, you’ll watch beloved character friends, a Hannukah “elf” alternative and more. I love the spirit of Christmas and also find the elf legacy to just include to that fun and also magic of the vacation season, so I adopt it. So plenty of of our friends perform crazy elf antics the I’ve done (and have more planned) whole posts about Elf on the Shelf ideas! I will certainly tell you- the minute I start to feel anxiety or anxiety about this whole fun elf thing, that’s when we stop. I’ve seen bad Moms Christmas, remember, and I’ve adopted the BadMoms mantras! until that happens- I’m walking to store enjoying and having fun- and since you every seem to love the printables (which deserve to be provided with any type of Christmas elves, really), i don’t check out a reason to stop!

Elf ~ above the Shelf Alternatives


Reindeer in Here

This little guy is the CUTEST reindeer ns have ever before seen, and he’s new to the elfin’ scene in 2017. Adam Reed, Reindeer in here creator, want to put a little much more Christmas and less creep right into the entirety elf situation, and this little dude pertained to be. Update: My grand niece is walk to have actually the Reindeer in here at her house! She’s an extremely excited!


REINDEER IN HEREis a brand new children’s book and also plush that’s certain to do every family’s Christmas fun and stress free. Stimulate thereindeer activity book because that even more holiday fun!


FIRST GIFT that THE vacation SEASON:In early December, the REINDEER IN below book and also plush “magically” arrive for her child, setup the phase for a brand-new yearly Christmas tradition. The their very first gift that the vacation season from Santa — and also it came early!

THE STORY BEGINS:As the story unfolds, the child learns that many years earlier Santa inquiry his reindeer because that some aid locating every child’s home. But this time, not just did Santa want aid in finding their homes, he likewise wanted to learn much much more about each individual child and didn’t recognize the best way to carry out it. One special small reindeer that was born with one antler smaller sized than the other and huge blue eyes quickly said a way. The little reindeer stated Santa must send several of his reindeer early in the month of December to continue to be with the youngsters so Santa might learn as lot as feasible about each son —where castle live, what they like, what they nothing like, what they perform each day, whereby they go, that their household is, and where Santa have to leave gift on Christmas Eve. Then every night when the son sleeps with the reindeer beside him or her, the reindeer writes notes to Santa detailing their day-to-day adventures.

CHILDREN/REINDEER BOND:After naming their very own reindeer, the child is urged to present it around,taking it to a different place every day, both inside and out of the house so that when Santa comes on Christmas Eve, he to know as much as possible about the child, how an excellent they’ve been and also exactly where to provide the presents.

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ON CHRISTMAS EVE:The child have to put your reindeer under the tree therefore it deserve to greet Santa. After ~ Santa finds the reindeer, it will certainly go v him to overview his sleigh ago to the north Pole until following year —when the child’s Christmas reindeer will certainly return in early Decemberto check out his friend once more!

Smaller Elf top top the Shelf

Same Elf, smaller sized size? American Girl came out v the Elf top top the Shelf for Dolls– and also I love it. Because that those who live in a small space or maybe have older kids and also want to make it more tough to find the elf? right here YOU GO!


Mini Elf on the Shelf- World’s the smallest Elf!

The elf goes pocket sized- and that can be fun for harder hide and also seek, smaller sized living spaces, OR because that a portable tiny elf pal who have the right to travel in a poacket or backpack! Actually, speak of the World’s smallest toys– every one of them are a perfect dimension for elf antics- just remember to pack them far to use again the complying with year.


The Christmas overcome Hunt

Tired of every the commercialism during the Christmas season and also long to teach her children around God’s love come down as a baby in a new and meaningful way?

This twenty-five day arrival devotional book connects Jesus’ birth to His death on the cross and also resurrection and what that method in a funny and far-ranging way for your family. New in 2018 is a workbook come go in addition to the cross Hunt for families!

Use the hashtag#christmascrosshunt ~ above FB and Instagramso wecan all view your family’s hunt!

Includes:• development Scriptures• Cross link Scriptures to cut Out• Explanations of the overcome Connections and the definitions for Us• concerns for the class School-Age Child and Above• color Pages because that the Preschool-Age Child• Crafts and activities to do Together• links to accessibility Videos and Other sources to broaden your Family’s Experience

Visit the advent devotional book’s FB pageHEREGrab a Christmas cross Hunt to make at home:

North Pole Ninjas

In 2016, we met the phibìc Pole Ninjas. We functioned this into some fun through my Sunday school class and had a blast v it!