You can trap her Elf ~ above the Shelf inside the TV. Picture: Elf top top The Shelf/YouTube

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Elf ~ above The Shelf ideas for 2019: you deserve to now 'trap' her elf within the TV.

Anyone stuck for Elf on The Shelf principles will be pleased to understand that you can now trap her elf inside her TV - which will be sure to pleasure your kids.

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A write-up shared through The Elf top top the Shelf (

A YouTube video, which has gone viral, shows the mischievous elf 'trapped' within the display with the native "I hit the wrong button on the remote... Exactly how do I gain out of here?" written beside him.

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To obtain it on your screen, you'll require to have YouTube accessible of her smart TV - or priziv.orgnversely plug a tablet priziv.orgmputer or phone right into the device.

The video lasts for an hour, an interpretation it will be perfect for your youngsters to watch in the morning end breakfast.

Click here to watch the video.

A mum recently shared a handy hack to avoiding your children being naughty end the Christmas duration using totally free Elf ~ above The Shelf 'warning' notes.

Some state the the elf has actually witness 'naughty behaviour' and also claims the they must 'be on your ideal behaviour or there might be no toys on Christmas morning'.


Elf on the Shelf priziv.orgncepts for 2019 – the best and also most outrageous points to do with her elf





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