Eli Manning played because that the brand-new York Giants that the national Football league (NFL) and also won 2 Super Bowls. Complying with both wins, he was likewise won the Super key MVP award. 

Manning played because that 16 seasons in the NFL through the Giants. That was originally selected first overall in the 2004 NFL breeze by the san Diego Chargers however was climate traded to the Giants. Manning to be the Giants" beginning quarterback indigenous 2004 to 2019. That holds the franchise records for passing yards, touchdown passes, and also completions. He ranking eighth all-time in passing yards and ninth in touchdown passes. 

Manning is one of five players who have actually won multiple Super key MVP awards. Manning announced his retirement ~ above January 22, 2020.


Full NameElisha Nelson Manning
TeamNew York Giants (2004–2019)
Draft2004 / Round: 1 / Pick: 1
Super Bowl win yearsSuper bowl XLII (2008), Super bowl XLVI (2012)

How plenty of Super Bowls has Eli Manning won?

Eli Manning has actually two Super bowl wins come his name. His an initial win came in Super key XLII in 2008. Manning and the wild map Giants win the undefeated brand-new England Patriots 17–14 in what is regarded as one of the best upsets in sporting activities history.

Manning won his second in Super key XLVI in 2012. He once again led the Giants to a 21–17 upset victory over the very favored Patriots. 

How many Super Bowls did Eli Manning pat in?

Eli Manning has played in two Super Bowls. They space - Super key XLII (2008) and Super bowl XLVI (2012). 

Eli Manning Super bowl wins and losses

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Here’s the list of Manning’s Super bowl wins -


XLII: brand-new York Giants 17-14 new England Patriots (2008)

XLVI: brand-new York Giants 21-17 new England Patriots (2012)

What is Eli Manning"s Super bowl record?

Manning has led the brand-new York Giants to two Super bowl appearances and won lock both.

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He was also named Super bowl MVP ~ both games.

What at sight Bowls walk Eli Manning play in?

Eli Manning has showed up in 2 Super Bowls in his NFL career. They space as adheres to -