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If there was any doubt that Mike Pence was simply lying about his ignorance the Michael Flynn’s occupational for international governments, here’s a last nail for the coffin. ~ above November 18, less than 2 weeks after the election, Representative Elijah Cummings sent a letter come Mike Pence together the head of Donald Trump’s shift team.

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Dear Vice-President-Elect 

I am composing to raise questions around the noticeable conflicts of interest of the Vice-Chairman the the Presidential change Team, retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who reportedly has been selected by the President-elect to be nationwide Security Advisor.

What’s very first up on Rep. Cummings’ perform of potential conflicts?

Recent news reports have actually revealed the Lt. Gen. Flynn to be receiving share briefing throughout the presidential project while his consulting firm, Flynn Intel Group, Inc., to be being paid to lobby the US government on instead of of a foreign government’s interests.

Cummings’ detailed, footnoted, carefully annotated letter lays out action by step Flynn’s lobbying because that the Turkish government—the specific information the Mike Pence would claim he didn’t know.

Vice chairman Pence is standing by his claims that he did not know former national defense adviser Michael Flynn had been covertly lobbying because that the Turkish government until March, despite a new report claiming Flynn had actually actually disclosed come the Trump shift team back in January the he was under a commonwealth investigation.

Mike Pence to be told by Flynn in January. He to be told by Cummings in November. As Mike Pence plans for the day once he it s okay to take the huge chair, he should remember—Agnew walk first.

Among various other things Cummings’ letter to Pence points out is an editorial that Michael Flynn wrote in support of the Turkish federal government that ran ~ above November 8—the job of the united state election. That editorial not just advocates for transforms in US foreign policy in assistance of Turkey, it specifically charges a Muslim cleric who happens to be a political opponent of Turkish strongman Erdoğan through being a terrorist mastermind. It’s not simply a pro-Turkey article, the a pro-Erdoğan hit piece.

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Representative Cummings mirrors that Flynn is not simply a protection risk come the nation, yet even reflects that the violated his promises to the trumped campaign. That a step by step, detail by detail, impossible to dismiss indictment of Flynn, one the Pence cannot pretend to have missed or misunderstood.