Many agree the actors Daniel Radcliffe and Elijah wood look comparable to one another. Despite being big stars that led substantial film franchises, world occasionally mix castle up. If Radcliffe doesn’t mental the comparisons, the Harry Potter actor doesn’t agree with those that think he and also Wood watch alike.

How Daniel Radcliffe and Elijah Wood ended up being famous

Elijah Wood and also Daniel Radcliffe swap stories of fans gaining them confused with one another

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Radcliffe skilled a small showbiz prior to his rise to stardom as the titular character in the Harry Potter film franchise. Together a little child, that expressed an interest in exhilaration to his mother, a former actor. She initially tried to dissuade her boy from a job she had a poor experience with. However Radcliffe’s mother caved and also let him audition because that a small component in a television show. Which caused much more.

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Radcliffe met Dame Maggie blacksmith on the collection of the BBC adaptation that David Copperfield. She then recommend him because that the part of take care of Potter together she take it on the duty of Professor McGonagall. The remainder is history.

As because that Wood, he additionally played the key character in a wildly successful fantasy franchise. Wood initially played the component of Frodo Baggins in The mr of the Rings trilogy. He returned to the character in 2012 because that an figure in The Hobbit: An unforeseen Journey.

Radcliffe addresses the instance of mistaken identity


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To his credit, Radcliffe takes the mistakes in stride. In his 2nd WIRED Autocomplete Interview, Radcliffe answers some of the most searched questions around himself, one of which was, “Who does Daniel Radcliffe look like?” He explained the comparisons, saying, “The idea the me and also Elijah hardwood is the same.” but he doesn’t really see the resemblance, just similar features. “If friend imagine every our ingredient parts, we’re simply sort of short, pale, blue-eyed, big-eyed, brown-haired people,” Radcliffe added.

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Funnily enough, this question was automatically followed by “Who does Elijah hardwood look like?” Radcliffe joked around capitalizing on the situation. He claimed he’s open up to working through Wood ~ above a task that proactively uses the fact that they space “similar-looking.”

Neither gibbs minds the comparisons

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Wood additionally receives his same share the the comparisons. He handle them in his own WIRED Autocomplete interview. “I absolutely get request if i am that a lot.” wood recalls meeting Radcliffe just once, end a decade ago. Radcliffe to be shooting The prisoner of Azkaban and Wood visited the collection while ADR was being excellent for The lord of the Rings. When Wood was asked who he looked like, he provided the situation to his advantage, speak “Apparently a lot prefer Daniel Radcliffe and also occasionally favor Tobey Maguire.”

Radcliffe continued to joke about the comparisons transparent his interview. The answered the question, “Who voiced Daniel Radcliffe on Bojack Horseman? (“Daniel Radcliffe” showed up as a personality in an episode of the show’s 2nd season.) indigenous the popular of the question, it appears that viewers couldn’t believe Radcliffe self would have recorded the part himself. That doesn’t reprimand them, saying “It would have actually been…amazing, considering the joke the the episode ends with, if they had actually had Elijah timber voice me in that.”

Even after year of being confused for every other, the pair seem open up to blurring the lines an ext by working together in the future. However in the meantime, they seem to be having fun with the mix-up, also doing an empire Magazine sheathe together.

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