We blew past the 2015 Robert Zemeckis pictured because that his sequel to the time travel classic, but we"re all still thinking about it.

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Elijah lumber has had actually a lengthy career—Sin City, The Faculty, Peter Jackson’s The lord of the Rings simply to name a few—but yes one entry in ~ the begin of his resume we’ll never ever forget.

Wood played “Video video game Boy” in Back to the Future II in a short but classic scene. ~ above entering café ‘80s—in 2015—Michael J. Fox’s Marty McFly notices two young guys plugging in an arcade game referred to as Wild Gunman. They aren’t sure exactly how to play the so he offers them an professional demonstration. “You average you have to use her hands?” hardwood said, off-camera, before the various other boy (John Thornton) complies with up with, “That’s choose a baby’s toy.” they both shake their heads in disgust and leave Marty deeply confused.

Speaking through Deadline’s video collection The Film that Lit my Fuse, lumber was request what films got him interested in acting. Growing up in Iowa, the actor told them over there wasn’t yes, really anything details it hinged on. “The story goes, my mom saw a commercial when I was five. I had actually a most energy and also she thought that would be a an excellent outlet because that his energy.” yet he did surname a few films the saw at an early stage in life the he has vivid memory of. “I remember seeing Gremlins as soon as I was young, Back to the Future, the original Back to the Future to be something I experienced as a kid and I loved...

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The Goonies. Yet I never watched those movies thinking that I can ever have actually anything to carry out with them or that that would be a vocation that mine.”

Though that did obtain his start in commercials, his an initial film function turned the end to be Back come the Future II. “That was wild since it took what ns understood about cinema and also put it into this very real realm. And also I think that might actually sort of be the very first time that i think ns was able to reference that based on what I had actually seen, to what ns was physically doing,” he explained. “Which no to say i didn’t recognize the work that I had actually done front in commercials together it being, girlfriend know, an acting duty that people would see. However when it’s referencing a movie the I thrived up watching and suddenly i’m in that environment, was totally mind-blowing. And also so the may have actually been the very first time that it kind of registered come me what this was and also that this might be a life, ns suppose.”

A life indeed. Execute you remember once you very first realized it was timber in that small function after the become much more famous?

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