Queen Elisabeth of Belgium to be the wife of Albert I, King the the Belgians. She was born Elisabeth Gabriele Valérie Marie, Duchess in Bavaria, top top July 25, 1876, at Possenhofen Castle in the Kingdom the Bavaria, now in Bavaria, Germany. Elisabeth to be the 3rd of six children of Karl-Theodor, fight it out in Bavaria (a nephew of King Maximilian ns Joseph of Bavaria), and also his 2nd wife, Infanta Maria Josepha of Portugal (a daughter of King Miguel ns of Portugal). She was named after her father’s sister, Empress Elisabeth “Sisi” the Austria.

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Elisabeth had 4 siblings:

Elisabeth to be raised and educated at home, and also from a an extremely early age developed a enthusiasm for the arts. She also, v the efforts of she parents, gained an understanding and appreciation for helping those much less fortunate. These interests would later make her a really beloved Queen in Belgium.


Engagement photo of Elisabeth and also Albert. Photo: Wikipedia

While in Paris in may 1897, attending the funeral of she aunt, The Duchess of Alençon, Elisabeth met her future husband, the future Albert I, King of the Belgians. The two quickly become involved, and several months later on they became engaged. Castle married in Munich, Kingdom of Bavaria, currently in the German state of Bavaria, top top October 2, 1900, and also following a honeymoon in Italy, settled in Brussels, Belgium. They had three children:

In December 1909, Albert and also Elisabeth came to be King and also Queen that the Belgians, adhering to the death of Albert’s uncle, King Leopold II. The new Queen took on a much more public role than she predecessors, getting involved with many charities and organizations, specifically those in the arts and social welfare. She regularly surrounded it s her with renowned authors and artists, as well as leading scientists of the day. Her friendly nature, and true care and concern for others, easily endeared her to the people of Belgium.

When war broke out in 1914, Queen Elisabeth worked with the nurses on the front and helped develop the Symphony Orchestra that the ar army. She likewise traveled to the UK often, under the pretext that visiting her youngsters who were studying there. In fact, she was often bringing crucial messages and also information come the British federal government from she husband and also his forces. Complying with the war, the household made a triumphant go back to Brussels and set about come rebuild the nation.

In addition to her work helping those much less fortunate, Queen Elisabeth additionally indulged in plenty of of her various other interests. She ended up being an avid photographer and also continued a life-long attention in old Egypt. This interest led she to it is in the first invited guest to check out the newly opened dig of King Tutankhamen on February 18, 1923, and her subsequent establishment of the Queen Elisabeth Egyptological Foundation. In addition, she established the Queen Elisabeth Medical foundation in Belgium, and the Queen Elisabeth medical Assistance fund in the Congo, to assist those who can not afford medical care. In 1928, she was responsible for the facility of the royal residence for good Arts in Brussels.

On February 17, 1934, her husband, King Albert I, was eliminated in a mountain climbing accident and also was flourished by your elder son, King Leopold III. Elisabeth i was withdrawn from windy life, so as not to hinder the initiatives of her daughter-in-law, now Queen Astrid. However, in august 1935, Astrid was killed in an auto accident in Switzerland. The Dowager Queen Elisabeth returned to public life, act her ideal to support her son and his young family, and also resuming her place as the an initial lady that the land.

She ongoing with she patronage the the arts, developing the national Orchestra of Belgium, the Queen Elisabeth Music Competition, the new Royal Library the Belgium, and also the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel.

During civilization War II, she continued to be at the palace of Laeken in Brussels, Belgium with her son, who was hosted there under house arrest by the Germans. During this time, she supplied her influence and also her relationships to help rescue hundreds of Jewish children from deportation by the Nazi regime. Because that this, she would later on be granted the title Righteous among the countries by the Israeli government. Once Leopold and also his family were exile to Germany in 1944, Elisabeth continued to be in Belgium, law her ideal to publicly support her younger son, Charles, that was serving together Regent, and with whom she had a an extremely strained relationship. Upon Leopold’s return in 1950, and also subsequent abdication in 1951, Elisabeth moved from the palace of Laeken, taking up residence at Stuyvenberg Castle, just throughout the park. Right here she would entertain few of the most influential names of the time – Albert Einstein, Albert Schweitzer, Pablo Casals, Jean Cocteau, among many others.

The remainder of her life was spent enjoying she grandchildren, and continuing through her creative pursuits. In 1956, she celebrated her 80th birthday surrounding by her comprehensive royal family. She to be the mommy of a King, a Prince Regent and a Queen, and also grandmother to 2 future Kings, a future grand Duchess, and the pretender come the Italian throne.

On November 23, 1965, at her residence at Stuyvenberg castle in Laeken, Brussels, Belgium, the Dowager Queen Elisabeth passed away at the age of 89. Her funeral was organized at the Cathedral of St. Michael and also St. Gudula in Brussels, Belgium, and was attend by nearly all of the Belgian royal household (her son Charles refuse to attend), and members the royal families from approximately the world. She to be then interred in the imperial Crypt at the Church of ours Lady that Laeken in Brussels, Belgium beside her lover husband, King Albert I.


Tomb of King Albert I and Queen Elisabeth; credit – Wikipedia

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