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Obtaining your Card: The USA PATRIOT act is a federal regulation that requires all financial establishments to obtain, verify, and record information that identify each human being who opens a map Account. What this way for you: once you open a card Account, we will certainly ask for her name, address, date of birth, and also other information that will permit us to reasonably recognize you. We may additionally ask to see your driver"s license or various other identifying documents at any type of time.

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PaychekPLUS! Select® MasterCard® Prepaid Card, enables you quick access to her money. Reap the convenience of straight deposit and use her card because that shopping, bill pay, and everyday purchases. Anyone have the right to apply, and there room no fees associated with signing up!

✔ No credit transaction Check

✔ No Minimum Balance

✔ No Fees to:

Set up direct deposit to add funds to your card account

Enroll in message Alerts, email Alerts, or both

Get cash at an in-network ATM (U.S. Only)

If you have any questions, you re welcome refer tothe faqs in the section below.

Click on “Get Started” listed below to begin your application.

By check this box, I confirm that I read the PaychekPLUS! Select® MasterCard® Prepaid card Cardholder Agreement and also I accept these terms and conditions.

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Getting a PaychekPLUS! choose MasterCard Prepaid Card

How perform I get a PaychekPLUS! pick MasterCard Prepaid Card? Fill the end the brief online form, and you’ll receive a PaychekPLUS! choose MasterCard Prepaid map in the mail. No it is registered or credit inspect required.

How long does it take to get my PaychekPLUS! select MasterCard Prepaid Card? girlfriend will get your map in roughly 10 company days. If you do not receive your card, call Customer company at 1-877-889-0050.

Can I usage my PaychekPLUS! choose MasterCard Prepaid Card ideal away? once you receive your card, you have the right to use the card once you activate that and add money.

How perform I add money to my card? over there are numerous ways to add funds to her card, including receiving accumulation from another cardholder in her network or by setup up straight deposit native an employer, benefits provider or various other source. Follow the printed instructions the arrive through your card to collection up straight deposit. Log on in ~ because that details ~ above loading your card.

Activating her Card

How carry out I activate my PaychekPLUS! select MasterCard Prepaid Card? Activation is simple! once you get your PaychekPLUS! pick MasterCard Prepaid Card, log in on at and follow the activation instructions. If you prefer, you can speak to the Customer service number detailed on the ago of the card.

How execute I begin using my PaychekPLUS! select MasterCard Prepaid Card? Once you have actually activated her card, all you have to do is fill money to start using it. Add money by:

setting up straight Deposit getting your tax Refund deposited
Using her Card

How do I use my card? You can pay receipt or do purchases almost everywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted. Swipe her card and also choose “Debit” or “Credit.”

You won"t pay a dues to:

make purchases v your card by selecting "Credit" collection up straight Deposit of accumulation to her card account Enroll in message Alerts, email Alerts, or both knife Cash back Rewards top top purchases obtain cash in ~ Allpoint® and Comerica financial institution surcharge-free ATMs

Your map offers countless transactions because that free, yet some transactions do have actually a fee. Because that a finish list the fees, check out the Cardholder Agreement.

Helpful Tips

Getting Cash

Remember to usage Allpoint and Comerica bank ATMs to protect against being charged a fee. Walk to or to find one near you. If you use your card at various other ATMs, you will certainly be charged a dues in addition to any fee the ATM owner might charge. Friend can additionally save a pilgrimage to the ATM by gaining cash earlier at the register once you do a debit purchase.


When you pay what tipping is customary, favor a sit-down restaurant or a hair salon, as much as 20% an ext than the acquisition price may be organized until the total with tip, if any, processes.

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Hotels and rental automobile agencies place large holds on your funds based upon their estimates of your last bill.