Elizabeth Berkley was all set to do Hollywood waves after achieving teen cult standing as 17-year-old Jessie Spano, grappling through amphetamines caffeine pill seeks in Saved by the Bell.

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Yet a swimming pool splash-about with Kyle MacLachlan in Robocop director Paul Verhoeven"s 1995 skin flick Showgirls – the US"s an initial and just big-budget NC-17 – regrettably torpedoed her career before it began.


But v Showgirls having been reappraised and also reborn as a midnight movie regular, a music masterpiece (tagline: "Singing. Dancing. Tits.") and a standard exploitation film of our time (not ours words, but Jim Jarmusch"s), us look at what occurred to the actress ideal known as Nomi Malone.

1. She won 2 Razzies

Worse than being on the finish of a crucial and advertisement panning to be Berkley"s an individual haul of golden Raspberry awards because that Showgirls, one for Worst Actress and also Worst new Star (the movie "won" a full of seven anti-gongs, and also maintains a record 13 nominations come this an extremely day). Verhoeven played along and also turned as much as collect his Razzie – Berkley very much didn"t, and also we can"t really blame the young actress.

That Twin Peaks" Kyle MacLachlan emerged reasonably unscathed native the ordeal appears really fairly unfair.

2. She didn"t offer up on Hollywood

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Elizabeth"s rotate in 1996"s The an initial Wives Club as a naive young actress reduced weirdly close come the bone, and was adhered to up by voiceover occupational opposite Kiefer Sutherland ~ above the anime film Armitage III, because why the hell not at this point?

The year after she rotate up as an(other) aspiring actress and Madonna body double in the little-seen Real Blondes. Points soon began to revolve the edge as she bagged outstanding supporting transforms in Oliver Stone"s Any offered Sunday, Woody Allen"s The Curse of the Jade Scorpion and also 2002 indie flick Rodger Dodger, which also featured Isabella Rossellini and a young Jessie Eisenberg.

3. She came to be embroiled in a celebrity lawsuit


JB Lacroix/WireImage/PNP/ WENN.com

While dating Porky"s actor roger Wilson in 2000, Elizabeth ended up being the topic of a massive $45 million lawsuit versus that most infamous of Hollywood gangsters... Leonardo DiCaprio.

Wilson accused DiCaprio of setup his cronies on the after he (Wilson) stood up for Elizabeth, that they had actually allegedly to be harassing come ditch she boyfriend and join them because that dinner – a scenario worthy the Saved by the Bell itself. The suit was eventually dismissed.

4. She hosted a fact show... Then starred in one

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Elizabeth ongoing to surprised by taking to the London stage opposite Eddie Izzard in the Lenny Bruce biographical play Lenny, prior to moving to Broadway for a cable of various other critically-acclaimed parts.

While it had looked favor her love the dancing had been forcibly shaken out of her in the swimming pool, she found it again over time to organize reality TV competition Step the Up and Dance in 2008.

Despite an excellent ratings, the present never returned, yet she did don she tap shoes when again for Dancing v the Stars in 2013. Despite great judge scores and also a nod to the famous caffeine pill thing (well played, Elizabeth), she to be voted out by the general public in sixth place.

5. She came to be an agony aunt


John Parra/WireImage

Elizabeth to know pain, kids. Probably not precisely the exact same kind of pain together you, yet she"s been through her very own kind the ringer (thanks a lot, Kyle). Triggered apparently by the big number of young girls seeking she advice, she released Ask-Elizabeth, a website answering the burning questions that young women can not be that keen to ask their mums.

It developed into face-to-face meet-ups and a book and, regardless of our initial dyed-in-the-wool scepticism, sounds type of awesome. Jeeves doesn"t have anything ~ above her.

6. She made a TV comeback

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It turned the end that Elizabeth wasn"t done with tv drama, and also made multiple appearances in The together Word together "the one that got away" from Bette.

Obeying the unwritten regulation that every American actors must function in CSI, she play true to type as one exotic dancer in the an initial Lady heath episode. She later returned to CSI: Miami in an entirely different, recurring function as David Caruso"s ex and the (dramatic pause) mother of the son he never knew that had.

7. She reunited with her saved by the Bell cast

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One-man famous video maker Jimmy Fallon held the high school reunion to finish them all when he brought together Save by the Bell"s original Bayside gang in 2015 on The tonight Show.

Returning to the role that first shot she to fame, Elizabeth donned Jessie Spano"s trademark curls and denim to function alongside Zack Morris (Mark-Paul Gosselaar), Kelly Kapowski (Tiffani Thiessen) and also AC Slater (Mario Lopez). The skit even made time because that a quip in ~ Showgirls"s price as Jessie mocked her future "stripper" self.

8. She finally made tranquility with Showgirls


Walter McBrideGetty Images

Elizabeth has had actually a complicated relationship with Showgirls native the start. Unsurprising considering it never lived up to its tag as the brand-new Basic Instinct (the movies share a director in Paul Verhoeven). She once described the film as "humiliating" and also refused to point out it by name in Ask Elizabeth.

Time, it seems, heals every wounds, and also in 2015 Elizabeth attended a 20th anniversary screening for the film in prior of 4,000 fans.

"Whether this film has been your guilty pleasure, whether you have played "Pin the Pasties ~ above the Showgirl", or whether Nomi"s own plight and her fight and struggle has become your own anthem in her life, i hope that it"s brought you comfort," she said.

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