When "Victorious" came out in 2010, human being were obsessed. Indigenous the clothes to the characters, everyone wanted to be in the show. And also ever because the show, multiple world from the actors had their careers shot into superstardom. Many notably, Ariana Grande and Elizabeth Gillies. 

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Grande came to be a record-breaking singer through an insane amount of accolades and also hit songs, (via Biography). And also Gillies came to be the lead, Fallon Carrington, in the hit series, "Dynasty," (via IMDb). Grande played Cat Valentine top top the show, while Gillies play Jade West, and the personalities were no sympatico to say the least, (via NY Post). However, the wasn"t the instance in genuine life, because the pair are finest friends to this day. 

Now contrary to popular belief, the 2 actually met prior to "Victorious." Both to be Broadway kids, and actually met if performing the music "13," however "Victorious" is really what solidified your bond. During their time ~ above the show, they live together, obtained their driver"s patent together, and even walk a bunch the livestreams throughout the years, (via The Things). In an interview with teen Vogue, Grande said she love living through Gillies, gushing, "I lived with Liz for a while. She lived in my mom"s house with me. It was so lot fun!"


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After "Victorious" ended, your friendship only got started. Elizabeth Gillies has showed up in multiple of Ariana Grande"s music endeavors such as singing on she Christmas album and appearing in multiple iconic music videos like, "Thank U Next" and "Right There." together with that, Grande brought Gillies on to carry out their fan-favorite "Victorious" song, "Give the Up," in a present in Atlanta. And also the web lost it when they saw it. And Grande generally visits Gillies on the collection of "Dynasty," so they shot to carry each other right into their stays as much as feasible (via The Things).

In a 2015 interview v People, Gillies said exactly how she feels about her previous castmate. "She"s choose blood to me, she"s favor my sister. So unless we have a substantial falling out, nothing will be keep going there." 

As part fans may recall, they"re in reality a trio, with one more "Victorious" co-star, Matt Bennett. The three hit it off and if you go on any type of of their Instagram profiles, they hang the end as lot as they can to this day. That knows, probably we"ll obtain them all in a performance in the future?