Thought you captured Lindsay Lohan making a cameo in ‘Thank U, Next’s music video? Well, you believed wrong due to the fact that it’s Elizabeth Gillies! here are 5 facts around the actress!

Have you viewed Ariana Grande‘s music video clip for “Thank U, Next”? Well, it’s usually one large homage come 2000s films, including Mean Girls. And if girlfriend did catch it, and thought you experienced none various other than Lindsay Lohan, we’re i m really sorry to disappoint you. Due to the fact that that wasn’t Lindsay Lohan. It was none other than Elizabeth Gillies portraying Cady Heron. Here’s what you have to know around her!

1. She’s on actor on the display Dynasty.

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if Ariana shown the meanest that the Mean Girls, Regina George, in the music video, Elizabeth portrays a comparable brat-like personality on Dynasty, the heiress Fallon Carrington.

2. This isn’t the first time Elizabeth and also Ariana collaborated together. That’s right, they were co-stars ~ above the display Victorious, which aired on Nickelodeon.

3. She cameo in “Thank U, Next” had actually fans persuaded it to be LiLo. One fan,
, wrote, “Wait is the lindsay Lohan in the give thanks to u next video clip or just a look at alike ?????!” one more fan,
, tweeted, “Oh wait!!!!? Thats no Lindsay Lohan!!!? Hahahah cursed fooled me #thankunext.”

4. She made her Broadway debut once she was simply 15 years old. exhilaration in the music 13, Elizabeth portrayed the part of Lucy.

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5. Lindsay has responded to Ariana’s music video… and also she did so in the many LiLo means possible:

We’ll save you posted with every one of the recent news about Elizabeth. In the meantime, check out every one of her many recent images in our collection above.

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