Liz Hurley and also Arun Nayar’s wedding had actually been the speak of the town for countless years many thanks to the sizzling extravagance the the celebration. The couple spared no price in making their wedding a true occasion of a lifetime. In fact, it had actually all the aspects of a assimilated wedding – English countryside, cool Indian palaces and a lavish wedding platter. The was all so perfect, yet in spite of every the bucks the were spent and also even earned (by offering exclusive media rights), the marriage barely lasted three years. It was a standard example to prove the allude that money can get honey yet not lasting love. This is all that Liz Hurley and Arun Nayar’s wedding sadly came to be all about. Let’s take it a closer watch at your wedding story.

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Who Is Arun Nayar?


Arun Nayar was born in December 1964 come an Indian father and also a German mother. His parental separated when Arun to be still young, and also he stayed ago with his brother and mother in Mumbai, where he grew up. Arun’s mother started her very own textile and also apparel business, which got to its top in the 1970s, and also this new-found wealth elevated the condition of the family. Arun is now the heir come his mother’s prospering multi-million textile business, and also since his inheritance, has diversified his organization into miscellaneous other domains. Liz Hurley and also Arun Nayar’s wedding occurred mid 2007, write-up the wedding, Arun’s network worth is at $200 million, together of 2015.

Liz Hurley – No advent Needed

Elizabeth Hurley, popularly recognized as Liz Hurley, to be born in June 1965 in Basingstoke, Hampshire, England. In her younger days, Elizabeth aspired to become a ballet dancer yet later concentrated her fist on acquiring into modelling and then right into films. She eventually gone into films, and worked in theatre, mostly in brothers cinema, and likewise gained soaring popularity together a model. The company Estée Lauder named she representative the the premier fashion label at 29, and from the day there to be no transforming back for her. Liz Hurley continues to occupational as a model and has even started her own fashion line which she manages.

When Arun Met Liz In London


Liz Hurley and Arun Nayar’s wedding tale was kind of like any other story of love you’d expect. Arun and also Liz had actually their very own share of major relationships prior to they met one another. Arun was earlier married to an Italian design named Valentina Pedroni, through whom he had been in a partnership for 11 years. Liz, on other hand, to be famously in partnership with the gibbs Hugh give whom she had met way back in 1987, as soon as she to be still one aspiring actress. Liz and Hugh had a pretty successful relationship yet had a separation on ‘amicable terms’ in may 2000. Adhering to her split, Liz had actually a short relationship with American business man Steve Bing with whom she had actually a kid in 2002. It was the same year that she taken place to meet Arun Nayar.

Arun and Liz an initial met when they were introduced to each other by a typical friend who had invited them both for a dinner in London. Due to the fact that both were at the verge of exiting from their previous relationships, and were of practically the exact same age, they instantly struck a friendship. Liz and Arun made it a allude to continue to be in touch, and also the much more they spent time v one another, the an ext they realised the they were rather compatible. Arun and Liz make their very first public appearance in January 2003 at a fashion present in Paris. By this time, the 2 were already in a pretty major relationship.

The roadway To Liz Hurley and also Arun Nayar’s Wedding


The pair had eyed a truly resplendent grand wedding from the minute they determined to spend the remainder of their stays together. However the preparations had actually to wait till Arun’s divorce from his ahead wedlock. He was going through a an extensive divorce process, and therefore Liz and Arun waited because that its conclusion prior to putting their wedding plan in place. Arun was invariably granted a divorce from his first wife in 2005, and on the very same time the issue of Liz’s son’s paternity was additionally resolved with a DNA check proving it was Steve Bing’s kid (he had earlier denied it). The course was clean of all the roadblocks, and it was time for the couple to take on each other for eternity.


The duo determined to acquire hitched in at an early stage 2007. Liz Hurley and also Arun Nayar’s wedding was set to two wedding ceremonies, a Christian one that would certainly be held at Sudeley lock in England complied with by a lavish Hindu wedding at Umaid Bhawan palace hotel in Jodhpur. That is claimed that Arun personally preferred Devigarh Palace close to Udaipur, but since they to be expecting end 100 guests, they made decision to select the Umaid Bhawan Palace because it can accommodate a big number the patrons. The couple chose march (2007) together the month for their two weddings.

The Wedding Extravaganza


Arun and Liz had actually a Christian wedding at the middle ages castle the Sudeley in Gloucestershire, England, on fifth March, 2007. Because the couple had struck a deal with a lifestyle magazine for exclusive images, the pair cordoned out the area restricting the entry of other reporters. The pair arrived in a Bentley and were easily ushered right into the venue that was brimming through over 200 guests. The guest-list included the who’s that of Britain, and also included practically all the popular designers from Europe. Liz’s own wedding dress was draft by the well known designer Donatella Versace, and it to be a an easy yet elegant white chiffon gown complemented by a stunning diamond tiara. Arun to be decked increase in a dashing black tie wedding suit. The pair screened an entertaining brief Bollywood-style romantic film starring themselves, before their wedding, which narrated your love story. The idea clicked well through the 200+ guests, who delighted in every little bit of it. Liz Hurley and also Arun Nayar’s wedding was followed by a reception at the very same castle the evening and also the major highlight was the cool four-tier cake. The cake cutting was adhered to by five-course sumptuous enjoy the meal for every guest present at the venue.


Arun Nayar and Elizabeth Hurley were currently officially married, but still had actually the Hindu wedding at the Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur. The newly-weds landed on Jodhpur on 7th March, 2007 in a chartered private airplane and were immediately checked-in at their hotel venue. The pair had asked for absolutely tight security from the hotel staff, and even local police chipped-in to carry out ample cover come them.


The Indian festivities the Liz Hurley and Arun Nayar’s wedding began with a sangeet consciousness on the night of 8th March at Nagaur ft near Jodhpur, where also the newly-weds shook a leg. Apparently, the guests and also the newly-weds slept in tents in the desert for that night ~ the celebrations. The dancing and also singing was adhered to by the elaborate classic Hindu wedding on nine March within the premises of the Umaid Bhawan Palace. Certain insiders later on anonymously common that over there were about 200 guest at the venue, and also each of castle were asked for to refrain from carrying cellphones to prevent any type of photography. Together for the main ceremony, that was nearly a reprise of their English wedding, and Liz wore a pink Versace sari that was greatly encrusted through jewels, while Arun wore a white and also gold sherwani with a matching turban. Because media was barred from attending the wedding, small is known around the nuances of the wedding yet it was pure desi one.


The last event in the variety of Liz Hurley and Arun Nayar’s wedding ceremonies to be the reception, i m sorry was organized at the Mehrangarh fort in Jodhpur. This event contained mostly the exact same guests who had actually attended the wedding and some others as well. There was an additional reception held at Taj Hotel in Mumbai because that Arun and also Liz’s company partners and also acquaintances. After ~ this, the newly-weds packed your bags and also left because that rural England whereby they take it a house in English landscape to have peaceful living together. Small did they understand that just three years under the line, Arun and Liz’s picture-perfect matrimony would hit a unstable patch thanks to come an Australian.

The Kiss That marked The end Of their Matrimony

It to be 2010, and Liz was attending a cricket match in London and also was sit in the VIP area which additionally had the Australian cricketer Shane Warne among the attendees. The two greeted each various other formally, spoke for some time, and in a blink of one eye were shortly spotted smooching one another. Every little thing was quick, and also the kiss got sufficient media attention thanks to hefty media existence at the cricket match. Needless come say, Liz had to do most explaining at home to Arun because that something that was all over on the nationwide television. But her action itself had actually some connotations, and also could be have been the first signs of a strained relationship with she husband Arun. Once the tabloids gained into a frenzy and also went around quizzing Liz around it, she denied anything happening in between her and also Shane. However things to be obviously quite otherwise, and in December 2010, she announced that she had actually separated from she husband Arun month ago. Eventually, she filed for divorce in April 2011, i m sorry she to be granted the very same year in June. Arun is said to have been ruined by this event, and pulled earlier from publicly spotlight because that months. Apparently, even Arun’s parents were upset by the couple’s divorce. Interestingly though, Liz had an debate with Arun’s father Vinod Nayar and his second wife, that is a British, throughout their wedding in Jodhpur, over a breach of Hindu customs, together Liz refused to take off her shoes in ~ the wedding mandap. And also that was where Liz’s connection with her in-laws walk down. Either way, the pair had currently formally divorced, and also Liz automatically moved the end of Arun’s residence with her son. It’s a tragedy that Liz Hurley and Arun Nayar’s wedding the was such a wonder turned into a sad ending.

Liz went on to get involved to Shane Warne in 2011, yet two years under the line the pair called-off your engagement in 2013. She was then viewed hanging roughly with Hugh approve again in so late 2014, yet Liz insists it’s simply platonic. Because then, Liz has not been known to be proactively in a relationship with anyone.

As because that Arun, the went straight right into the arms of British design Kim Johnson ~ his divorce in 2011. The couple courted for 4 years, and also in 2015, the 51-year old Arun proposed marriage to the 29-year old Kim who gleefully agreed. Kim and Arun bound the knot in respectable 2016 with this one gift Arun’s third marriage.

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We expect Arun has finally uncovered the love that his life, and also hope Liz does find her ‘Mr. Right’ too. We wish them ideal for your life and also all their endeavors ahead.