just how Elizabeth Olsen Helped style WandaVision’s brand-new Scarlet Witch Costume WandaVision"s director defines the duty Elizabeth Olsen had actually in developing the brand-new Scarlet Witch costume that made its epos debut in the show"s finale.

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Here"s just how Elizabeth Olsen helped design WandaVision"s new Scarlet Witch costume. WandaVision was Marvel"s very first television collection on Disney+ and quickly ended up being a massive hit with critics and also fans alike. The story centered on Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) coming to terms over losing Vision (Paul Bettany) and totally accepting her duty as the legendary Scarlet Witch.

Wanda"s final type so to speak was an initial teased in episode eight, "Previously On," whereby Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn) bring away Wanda ago on an emotional trauma tour of she past. In one memory, Wanda is still a HYDRA experiment, and comes face-to-face through the mental stone, which offers her a vision of she future together the Scarlet Witch. Return Agatha is clearly against Wanda completely accepting she destiny together the Scarlet Witch, she ironically help Wanda actually own her new role in episode nine, "The series Finale." Wanda bring away her very own chaos magic earlier from Agatha and also Agatha"s very own magic, which culminates in Wanda truly becoming the Scarlet Witch v an epic brand-new costume.

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WandaVision director Matt Shakman revealed in one interview with Entertainment Tonight that Olsen did have a hand in the brand-new Scarlet Witch costume design. Shakman stated that Olsen had some thoughts on the outfit throughout an initial fitting. Inspect out just how Olsen"s input caused the final architecture below.

"She is so useful that she automatically put the on and she was like, "OK, I have the right to do this move and also I can"t do this move. And also I need to be able to do this move." us were like, "Great!" So then we have to re-engineer it, because those suits room tough. I mean, it"s one thing to look amazing. It"s one more thing to actually function. And she knows what she has to do much better than anybody, having done this because that years now. She"s therefore adept at the physical work -- she"s past adept at every part of her task -- for this reason she was conveniently picking apart how it would work."

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The end an outcome was totally epic. It"s absolutely inevitable the the standard comic Scarlet Witch costume and also the WandaVision costume will be popular Halloween costumes later this year. What"s yes, really inspiring about the new Scarlet Witch costume architecture is how it symbolized Wanda ultimately taking manage of she life. After ~ all, she had assigned duties to the citizens of Westview that they didn"t desire in order come escape in her grief. By setup the citizens complimentary and finally accepting her grief, Wanda to be able to fully embrace her function as the Scarlet Witch.

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The most essential thing is that it was she choice, and also her brand-new costume is a an effective visual symbol of Wanda acquisition full control of she life. WandaVision in plenty of ways is the true origin story because that the Scarlet Witch. The wasn"t around Wanda forgetting around her grief, however accepting it and choosing to relocate forward, and also she looked every inch the superhero if doing so.

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