Why back to the Future Recast Elisabeth Shue as Marty's girl friend Elisabeth Shue changed Claudia Wells in the duty of Marty"s girlfriend Jennifer in the back to the Future sequels. Here"s why the recasting happened.

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Elisabeth Shue took over the function of Marty"s girlfriend Jennifer in the Back come the Future sequels, and here"s why the decision was made. In the first Robert Zemeckis film, he brought together a talented actors that consisted of Michael J. Fox together Marty McFly and Christopher Lloyd together Dr. Emmett Brown, through Lea Thompson and also Crispin Glover together Marty"s parents. But Back to the Future additionally had Claudia Wells beat the role of Marty"s girlfriend, Jennifer.

Undoubtedly Wells" biggest function in her career, her time playing Jennifer to be cut quick as a not-so-rare instance of recasting happened. Wells was changed by Elisabeth Shue in Back to the Future II, a move that countless may not have noticed together the sequel reshot the ending of the first film with Shue to serve as that is opening. At the time, Shue to be a climbing star after duties in The Karate KidAdventures in Babysitting, and Cocktail.

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So walk Zemeckis pick to recast the function of Jennifer just to get a larger star favor Shue involved? No, and also the reason behind the recasting didn"t have any type of drama behind it either. The fact is actually lot sadder. Once it come time because that the Back come the Future sequels come begin, Wells had to drop the end of the function to take care of her mother. Wells" mom had recently to be diagnosed through cancer and also she determined to be with her rather of return to Back to the Future.

also though Wells" time as Jennifer was reduced short, she nearly didn"t obtain a chance to beat the personality at all. After being initially cast in the role, she was required to drop out after a pilot for a brand-new show on abc was choose up for a full series. Melora Hardin was set to beat the part instead, however Wells to be able to go back to the project just after an additional recasting occurred. Famously, Back to the Future originally starred Eric Stoltz together Marty McFly, but he was dismissed native the duty after five weeks that filming. Once the decision was made for Michael J. Fox come take end the part, Wells was freed up to play Jennifer as originally intended.

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Although tragic circumstances led to Wells having to walk away from the Back to the Future franchise again, she has had the opportunity to go back to the duty in the years since. Telltale gamings made Back come the Future right into a video clip game in 2011 and had Wells voice Jennifer for a few episodes. She additionally reprised her role as an adult Jennifer in a Back come the 2015 Future brief film. While little parts, at least these avenues gave Wells a chance to beat her Back to the Future character a pair more times.