"I am, ns believe, the just candidate who’s gonna say come the ruling course of this country ... Enough with her greed, " Sanders said.

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Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-VT, addresses the AFL-CIO workers Presidential Summit in Philadelphia on Sept. 17, 2019.Mark Makela / Reuters file
Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders seek to distinguish himself native his 2020 competitor Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., by acquisition aim in ~ her progressive bonafides throughout an interview the aired Sunday.

Sanders, a self-proclaimed democratic socialist, told ABC"s "This Week" the he is the an ext progressive candidate in the race compared to Warren, who he noted once described herself as a "capitalist to my bones." He added that they have a "somewhat" but "not quite" the same policy outlook.

"lizabeth Warren has been a friend of mine for part 25 years," Sanders said. "And i think she is a very, very great senator. However there are differences in between Elizabeth and also myself. Elizabeth i think, as you know, has said that she is a capitalist v her bones. I’m not. I think the situation today the we confront in this nation of the greed and also the corruption that is existing in Washington, that is existing at the corporate elite level ... I am, ns believe, the only candidate who gonna say to the ruling course of this country, the this firm elite, enough, enough with your greed and with her corruption. We need real adjust in this country."

Warren, who has surged in recent autonomous primary polling, in 2018 reportedly called herself a "capitalist to mine bones" in describing her method to policy. Sanders, who is trailing Warren in those polls, seek to cast himself as the candidate farthest to the left among the 2020 field having writer the "Medicare because that All" regulation that various other candidates consisting of Warren have actually endorsed.

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"I mean, Elizabeth considers herself, if I got the quote correctly, to be a capitalist to she bones," Sanders claimed on Sunday. "I don’t. And also the reason I am no is since I will not tolerate for one 2nd the sort of greed and also corruption and also income and wealth inequality and also so lot suffering the is walk on in this nation today, i m sorry is unnecessary."

The 2 are set to confront off Tuesday in ~ a jammed-packed democratic primary debate in Ohio. Earlier this month, Sanders endured a love attack and also subsequently left the project trail come recover. He has pledged to continue campaigning and also said that will get involved in the Tuesday debate.