Ellen DeGeneres and also Portia de Rossi have been pulling top top our love strings for years since officially coming to be a pair in 2005, and also are among the longest lasting couples in Hollywood (via Insider).

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The lovebirds to be married in 2008, and despite their commitment to one another, castle never had actually kids. DeGeneres called People in 2014, "Honestly, we"d probably be an excellent parents. Yet it"s a human being being, and unless girlfriend think you have excellent skills and have a journey or yearning in you to execute that, the lot of job-related that the is and responsibility — ns wouldn"t desire to screw them up! we love our animals."

Speaking to Today in 2015, DeGeneres admitted, "I love kids, yet that"s together a big commitment. It seems long-term. It seems choose a commitment that you have to stick with. And also I simply don"t understand if I can — it"s as well risky" (via Us Weekly).

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Of course, the subject wouldn"t be complete without a tiny humor, and the comedian has additionally joked, "Like, what if ns don"t prefer the kid? What if it turns out that it"s no as cute together I wanted or together talented? I"m gonna compare it to every these children that I have on this display that room so smart and also so funny. And I"m like, "You are nowhere near these youngsters I had on today.""

Another reason the pair never had actually children? They simply love their furniture also much. DeGeneres jokingly told The daily Telegraph in 2016 (via the Daily Mail), "We talked around because that a minute, about four years into the relationship, yet we just made decision we choose our conversations no being interrupted and also our furniture without sticky grape juice on it," she said. ~ above a more serious note, she added, "Also, i think in this profession it have the right to be really challenging for children. It"s difficult for castle to have to share their parents through the world. I even see it v my nieces. When we"re out in public and also people desire to speak to me they"re like, "Why go everybody want your time? Why aren"t you just with me?""

There was a time Ellen DeGeneres believed she"d adopt, however now the couple doesn"t seem to have any kind of regrets about making the decision no to have children. 

DeGeneres touched on the topic during her 2018 illustration on Jerry Seinfeld"s Comedians in Cars getting Coffee, explaining, "I assumed I would have actually kids. As soon as I was younger, ns really wanted to have a baby. I believed I would adopt. I never thought i would have a baby, yet I thought I"d want kids." though Seinfeld reminds DeGeneres that she "still could," DeGeneres replies in her usual dry humor, "No, Portia doesn"t want kids. She doesn"t prefer the squealing as soon as they"re in a pool, the high-pitched squealing of happiness that they have" (via The daily Beast).

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For de Rossi, she admitted that there is a pressure in her 30s to have kids, but ultimately the wasn"t for the pair "...You think, "Am ns going come have youngsters so ns don"t miss out ~ above something that other civilization really seem to love? Or is it that i really genuinely desire to perform this v my entirety heart?" i didn"t feel the my solution was "yes" to the latter," she explained. "You have to really want to have kids, and neither of us did. For this reason it"s just going to it is in me and Ellen and no babies — yet we"re the finest of friends and married life is blissful, it really is. I"ve never ever been happier 보다 I am appropriate now" (via Out). 

They may not have kids, but DeGeneres and also de Rossi have their animals. "Animals are the closest points to God," DeGeneres, that at one suggest wanted to be a veterinarian, told People. Together of November 2019, Little Things reports that the pair has 4 dogs and three cats, and also DeGeneres likewise has her own wildlife fund to assistance endangered varieties around the world.

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For years, DeGeneres and de Rossi have actually been dogged through tabloid rumors the divorce and pregnancies alike, and though that must get tiring because that the couple, de Rossi claims the rumors space actually a an excellent thing. "I know it sounds ridiculous, however when that started happening ns thought, "Oh, currently we"re ultimately accepted." We get the very same s**t as every celebrity couple," she said. "I thought, "Wow, this is good that I"m pregnant, no pregnant, divorced, no divorced," whatever. That method there is an accept for this" (via Us Weekly).

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No matter how countless tabloids report the Ellen and Portia are pregnant, though, it appears to it is in one story us can constantly count on gift a rumor.