Ellen DeGeneres is earlier to hosting her very own show. She revealed she living at Courteney Cox’s home. This is what she had to say about her marital relationship to Portia de Rossi and those who can think they’re having actually marital troubles.

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Ellen DeGeneres take it Portia de Rossi to the ER

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The pair recently make headlines because DeGeneres take it de Rossi to the emergency room in March. DeGeneres talked about this in she appearance ~ above Jimmy Kimmel Live!

DeGeneres claimed her wife wasn’t emotion well one night and wanted to go to bed early. Therefore DeGeneres determined to experiment alone.

“Chelsea Handler called me about these weed drinks, they’re referred to as Cann, and they have CBD or — ns don’t recognize what the an excellent thing is,” DeGeneres said. She drank one, then had three. The talk present host then took a sleep aid.

When she visited bed, de Rossi to be on the ground moaning in pain. DeGeneres then had to journey her to the emergency room. She had an appendectomy and is now doing better. 

Ellen DeGeneres denies ‘marital troubles’ with Portia de Rossi

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DeGeneres is now staying at Courteney Cox’s home. She joked around this v Cox on might 6’s illustration of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“The human being knows our very first guest from a little show called Friends, but currently I just know her as my landlord,” she said when presenting the actor for the episode. Cox corrected her saying she think of DeGeneres an ext as a roommate.

DeGeneres asked exactly how she’s doing as a roommate. Cox said she moved every one of her stuff to the right side that the bathroom therefore the talk show would have an are for she things. But her assistant confirm the bathroom, and DeGeneres took over the whole room. “So essentially, you a terrible roommate,” Cox joked.

DeGeneres asserted it was de Rossi that actually relocated her things. “I’m not having marital troubles… I’m no living v Courteney Cox due to the fact that I’m kicked the end of mine house,” the host said.

They actually offered their home in Beverly Hills. So they’re staying there till they uncover a brand-new place.

They marketed their house for millions


Portia de Rossi and also Ellen DeGeneres attends the 77th Annual golden Globe Awards in ~ The Beverly Hilton Hotel | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

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DeGeneres has actually been open around her love for real estate. The residence they newly sold reportedly went because that $47 million, follow to Mansion Global.

The pair bought the residence in may 2019 and also the news the the sale was released in April 2021. The couple did make a profit off the 10,000 square feet mansion because they to buy it for $42.5 million.

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It sounds prefer the couple had a dramatic couple of months v trips to the emergency room and moving. However they’re now having actually fun continuing to be at Cox’s house while they look for a new mansion.