Ellen DeGeneres 12 work Of Christmas Giveaways 2021 at ellentube.com/12days is your opportunity to success the exact same prizes from today’s episode of the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

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Eligibility : The Ellen 12 work Of July Giveaways is open up to legal occupants of the United says (50 states and District the Columbia, yet specifically not included the territory of Puerto Rico) and also to legal occupants of Canada who are residing in Canada (but excluding residents of Quebec) who space eighteen (18) year old and also over together of the day of entry.

Promotion duration : The Ellen 12 work Of Christmas begins on July 12, 2021 and ends ~ above July 23, 2021.

Enter in ~ : www.ellentube.com/campaigns/12-days-of-giveaways-in-july.html

Limit : limit one (1) entrance per human being per day.

Prize (s) :

Each day, one lucky grand prize winner will win the same prizes native today’s illustration of Ellen DeGeneres present 12 days of Giveaways 2020.

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Comments (10 Messages)

Rochelle JordanOct 19, 2021 11:39

Thank friend Ellen for offering me a possibility to shot and success tickets because that the 12 work giveaway. I have actually been do the efforts to obtain tickets for years to bring my mom. She has since passed, however I know she is looking down on me that ns am tho trying.

Joann DenneyOct 21, 2021 16:27

My daughter has been the town hall your display for years. She has hunting condition and she would love to concerned your show. Been trying because that years to acquire tickets. She city hall your display everyday, has actually for years. She’s makes sure she’s at home daily when your show comes on. She won’t go anywhere or perform anything until your display goes off.

Joann DenneyOct 21, 2021 16:29

I expect she can involved your show someday prior to her Demian gets worse

Sally Jo RoganNov 1, 2021 16:49

Ellen I have been make the efforts to gain in the Twelve job of Christmas giveaway for years and years and also this is the last year for it’And i am therefore sad because that your display to pertained to an end. I wish that me and also my youngsters could acquire one job or also all twelve days that would certainly make my Christmas. I am no begging i am just asking You would certainly make my desires come true.Our Christmas is not gonna be that great cause ns am turn off work and having a complete knee instead of right before Christmas ns can’t wait come see just how you go the end I understand it is gonna be a an excellent show once you leave.

Sally Jo RoganNov 1, 2021 16:51

Ellen I would certainly love to meet you prior to your show ends one a twelve job giveaway

Diane WilliamsNov 10, 2021 22:17

Hi Ellenthis year has actually been hard for anyone ; You constantly manager to placed a laugh on many facesHow are you Hope all is fine . The saddens me the this is your last season . Ns am 73 year old and also have watched your show for years. I have actually tried to obtain tickets to your 12 work of Christmas Giveaways because that years .but no luckI would love to and also would it is in the thrill of life time to be apart the this last seasonI have appreciated listen n the town hall DJ tWitch and also you dance or stepping come the joy of her studio and also home audienceIn addition to address Covid 19 I experience a Fire in ~ my residence on Christmas day 2020Being apart of this last season that GIVEAWAYS would certainly make my day

kristine lauerNov 11, 2021 13:10

Hi Ellen I just wanted to say thank you so really much for every the laughs and also putting a smile on mine mom and also my self.We have actually been the town hall you for so numerous years its walking to tough to speak goodbye for every the wonderful things you carry out for deserving people. My mother is 89 walk on 90 in January ns visit her day-to-day to see how she’s doing and also we watch you everyday always brings a smile to her face she states she’s walk to miss you.Thanjs again for bringing united state your beautiful smile and giving heart.May you proceed to it is in a Brite star in ours world.

Ryan EllisNov 12, 2021 8:20

Hey Ellen,

I obtained tagged in a comment on Facebook that stated I’m a winner top top a on facebook comment. It wanted me to go to a Facebook web page like, comment and click a link. Is this genuine or a scam reason I’m afraid to click the link!

Kathleen BunnichNov 12, 2021 17:25

Hi Allen my surname is Kathleen and I must let you understand that girlfriend pretty smile on my confront everyday ns am heading over there too. He’s dancing center of the day simply to take the dress off and also the Grandma’s three mother-of-two and bless my parents it’s just myself and also kids i really miss her a lot and I know that this would assist me out a whole lot mine old examine team captain I have actually been busy with him due to the fact that he to be a baby he came house at 9 months and she has Cruzan syndrome I would appreciate you love 26 girlfriend or have actually someone think me you currently going to be an extremely pissed in my family members I wish you every the luck and also your question can have a quite nice retirement together

Laurie MullenNov 13, 2021 14:08

Hi Ellen, i watch you everyday. I came to be disabled 15 years back because ai have actually a an illness where my bone marrow doesn’t work. Every 2 mainly I acquire my plasma changed. I would really love to be in her audience for your.Christmas Giveaway. I thank you for making me smile on also the hardest the days.Laurie Mullen

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