Ellen DeGeneres and also Portia de Rossi bound the node in respectable 2008 ~ same-sex marriage was legalized in California



The talk present host, 63, posted a romantic tribute in honor of she wife, 48, on Monday in respect of the couple's 13th wedding anniversary.

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"Happy anniversary, Portia," DeGeneres captioned a take self of the pair. "I'm the luckiest girl in the world due to the fact that I obtain to share my life v you."

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The Scandal actress also marked the unique occasion by sharing a carousel the photos native their connection over the years.

"13 years ago I married the love of my life," de Rossi wrote. "And it simply keeps getting much better ♥️🥂."

The longtime partners began dating in 2004 and tied the node in respectable 2008 ~ same-sex marital relationship was legalized in California.

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In February, the duo opened up come priziv.org around their romance and also shared how they prioritize their partnership amid their liven schedules.

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"We've grown together as a couple, and also we really think about each other and also put our connection first," de Rossi said. "By law that, you become a lot much more solid. Ns can't imagine security time through anyone however her."

DeGeneres added, "We think the exact same things, speak the exact same things at the same time, end up each other's sandwiches — no, sentences. We're in a rhythm that's easy."

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When asked what they love the most around each other, the Finding Dory star said, "To begin superficially, ns love the method she looks. I love her brain; she's smart. That's yes, really important."

"She's strong. She's confident. She's yes, really funny. And she's a good dresser and also a great dancer. She's discovering to cook," she included of her wife.

Snuggling as much as DeGeneres, de Rossi laughed and also said, "Wow, just how do I peak that? She is the kindest, many generous, many loving, loyal, trustworthy human being I have ever known. She's a very special person being. Few of it periodically rubs off on me."

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Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi memory 13th Wedding Anniversary: "I"m the Luckiest Girl in the World"