As her ratings plummet and sinister story of her true nature circulate, the web has concerned the conclusion that Ellen DeGeneres is on home arrest.

You can’t do this ingredient up, can you?

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for the last pair of months, the basic dislike of the notorious TV host has actually been top top the increase as an ext and more people begin to progressively turn against her.

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though she has constructed her on-screen persona approximately being outspoken against injustice and also generous come the needy, many world have asserted that, in actual life, she is rather the opposite.

which is absolutely a much cry from the relatable and also humble TV organize we all know and love… Or us thought we knew and loved.

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Cracks have certainly started to show, and also rumors the the somewhat nastier personality behind the well known smiling blonde-haired, blue-eyed face have been intensifying.

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And, for many years now, a number of different previous employees have actually been attempting to disclose Ellen for that she important is.

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Her behavior is shocking, and now, more fear stories have surfaced the have had a substantial impact on she ratings…

This Twitter user come forward v the story around Ellen’s head writer, Karen Kilgariff.Karen to be under Ellen’s employment because that 5 years till she took part in a writer’s strike. Boom. Fired.And a native was never ever exchanged in between the pair again.

This woman insurance claims that she friend used to job-related as a writer on the display and, in the whole 2 years of she employment, Ellen didn’t greet her once.In fact, none of the staff were permitted to speak to the star the the show. Apparently.

for a colleague’s birthday, Twitter user Alison Freer to be celebrating with a BBQ exterior of the Warner Bros studios wherein The Ellen Show is filmed.However, Ellen was rapid to shut down all the festivities by sending someone end to put a prevent to the celebration, all due to the fact that she doesn’t eat meat. No cool, Ellen.

This Twitter user came forward through a damning story that, ~ a mildly autistic employee talked to and simply looked in ~ the host too often, he to be fired.

Ellen has actually notoriously sucked as much as the rich and famous because that years, and apparently she desires to keep them every for herself.When Russell Brand wandered right into the employee break area come chat with the crew, Ellen apparently acquired quite irritated and also told him the he “doesn’t have to communicate with this people.”

and this very sensitive sleep apparently method that civilization working roughly her have to take extra care with their smell… consisting of chewing gum native a bowl external her office before speaking come her.Some members of staff have even been asked to go home and shower. Now that’s just rude.

A employee member was as soon as told that, while filming, Ellen will randomly “pick someone different to really hate” because that no factor whatsoever.And these poor employees simply have to suck that up and also endure her wrath because that the day.

there isn’t sufficient money in the people that would ever encourage me to execute that.Thank you, next.

despite it’s an excellent that she care so much about animals, she sensitivity to the matter doesn’t bode well for she employees.

In a recent, monster segment ~ above her talk show, the sixty-two-year-old rated she staff’s babies after telling us “my employee a many beautiful enhancements to their families. Clearly they had to be rated.”Did castle Ellen? did they really?

that knows what the future will certainly hold… yet if she proceeds being this problematic, it’s safe to to speak it isn’t looking really bright.

Well, this Reddit user compiled with each other a series of image that supposedly prove that she is wearing an ankle monitor.

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the is just a conspiracy, and there is no actual evidence or confirmation the Ellen is actually under residence arrest.

for now. That knows what the next internet theory will be?But no all things about the host are conspiracies. Save scrolling to read around her questionable ties with George Bush…