Praising the hard work. Following reports the a toxic culture at The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the longtime hold took the moment to honor she staff during the Sunday, November 15, People’s choice Awards.

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“I am not only accepting this award for myself; i’m accepting the on instead of of my amazing crew, my exceptional staff, who make this present possible,” Ellen DeGeneres said when accepting the award for finest Talk show of 2020. “They present up every solitary day. They give 100 percent that themselves, 100 percent the the time. It is 250 people times 170 shows a year times 18 years. … My point is i love castle all, and also I give thanks to them because that what they execute every solitary day to aid that present be the finest that we shot to do it every solitary day.”

The Ellen’s game of Games host, 62, climate took the opportunity to say thanks to those who have actually supported her with the years, especially through the recent backlash.


Ellen DeGeneres accepts the award because that The Daytime Talk present of 2020 onstage for the E! People’s selection Awards organized at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California on November 15, 2020. Christopher Polk/E! Entertainment

“I understand this award originates from the people. I say give thanks to you to the people. Thank you to every one of my pan for sustaining me, because that sticking by me,” she added. “I can not tell you exactly how grateful ns am and also what this means to me. It’s an ext than I can possibly tell you — specifically right now.”

The Emmy winner faced controversy previously this year as soon as BuzzFeed News published two pieces through former and current employees claiming she had promoted a toxic society at the speak show. WarnerMedia launched an interior investigation right into the speak show.

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Two month after apologizing come her staff in a memo sent out in July, the comedian went back to TV and also discussed the allegations during the season 18 premiere the her speak show.

“I learned that things occurred that never should have happened. I take that really seriously,” she explained to her digital studio audience ~ above September 21. “I want to say i am so i m really sorry to the world who are affected. I know that i am in a position of privilege and power and I establish that v that come responsibility. And also I take responsibility for what wake up at my show. This is The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

She added that “a most conversations” have taken ar in the months following the allegations and that “necessary changes” had actually been made. (Three executive, management producers to be ousted from the display following cases of misconduct made versus them.)

“The fact is, ns am that human that you view on TV. Ns am additionally a lot of other things,” the Louisiana indigenous added. “Sometimes I acquire sad, I gain mad, I gain anxious, I acquire frustrated, I acquire impatient — and I am working on every one of that. I am a work in progress, and also I am specifically working top top the impatience thing and also it’s not going well due to the fact that it’s no happening fast enough. I will certainly tell girlfriend that.”

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