Ellen DeGeneres has had some significant ups and also downs throughout she career as a comedian and television host, however her connection with "Arrested Development" star Portia de Rossi has been a consistent part of her life due to the fact that the pair acquired together in 2004 (via Harper"s Bazaar). The television power pair celebrated their 13th anniversary together in august 2021, once DeGeneres post a selfie of the two on Instagram through the caption, "Happy anniversary, Portia. I"m the luckiest girl in the world due to the fact that I get to share mine life with you."

In the years since the couple first acquired together, they have stayed finest friends and pursued their passions together, together as residence flipping and also animal rights activism. Fans might know about the couple"s signature hobbies, but what around lesser-known details favor who is the cook of the house? execute Ellen and also Portia setup to progressive a family? Who fell in love v who first? All the and more below together we take it a look within Ellen DeGeneres" connection with Portia de Rossi.

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It was love at very first sight, according to Portia de Rossi. In one interview with Oprah, de Rossi admitted she knew Ellen DeGeneres to be the one "when I very first laid eye on her." The pair had originally met at a social event in 2000, and de Rossi said Oprah she had felt "an instant draw" to DeGeneres. If the 2 had acquired the opportunity to talk to one one more at their an initial meeting, de Rossi was still living as a closeted happy woman.

From 1998 till 2002, de Rossi played the duty of Nelle Porter on the hit Fox display "Ally McBeal" (via IMDb). De Rossi told Oprah, "I to be very, an extremely afraid the if i talked about being gay, it would certainly be the finish of mine career." for DeGeneres, comes out as lesbian in 1997 almost did destroy her career.

DeGeneres first came out through her fictional persona in the abc sitcom "Ellen" before appearing on the front cover of Time magazine, assuring readers, "Yep, I"m Gay." right a year after ~ the historical "Ellen" episode aired, abc canceled the show. The brand-new York times reported that ABC even attempted to encompass a content warning for episodes with queer relationships. DeGeneres" persistence and also eventual success through her really own talk present greatly added to the growing visibility of queerness in Hollywood.

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Although Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres had immediate chemistry as soon as they met in 2000, it would be 4 years till the two made decision to make things official. Throughout an interview v Oprah, de Rossi explained that she had actually seen DeGeneres at assorted parties throughout the years, yet at a photoshoot prior to a 2004 VH1 awards show, miscellaneous felt various when she claimed "hello" to her future wife. "It was like an arrow shot with my heart. I was weak at the knees; ns was overwhelmed with just how I felt," de Rossi said Oprah. It take it de Rossi 10 months to occupational up the courage to confess she feelings come DeGeneres. "It was an extremely hard for me to gain her the end of my mind after that," she called the Advocate.

The two made their an initial appearance as a pair at the 2005 golden Globe Awards Party, wherein "Arrested Development," starring de Rossi together Lindsay Bluth, to be nominated for 2 awards (via business Insider). Civilization magazine reported later that year the the couple had relocated in together. "It"s the first time that I"ve well-known in every cell of mine being the I"m through somebody for the remainder of my life," DeGeneres told lock in the magazine"s cover story. 

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Portia de Rossi, when publicly closeted at the time, was actually in a relationship with Italian movie housing Francesca Gregorini when she met Ellen DeGeneres. "I really, really hated all the ache I placed Francesca through, and also I really didn"t desire to pains her. Yet I simply couldn"t neglect the feel I had for Ellen," she told the Advocate. Gregorini damaged her quiet on the breakup practically a decade later. "I"ve never ever really talked around it, and also I want to be respectful to every the football player — and, to be honest, I"ve absolutely made my peace. Portia and also I are friends, I"m friends through Ellen," Gregorini said the Advocate in a different interview.

DeGeneres had been dating photographer Alexadra Hedison when she and de Rossi met. "Even though this is a complicated time, i love her and also will constantly want what"s best for her," Hedison told the Advocate as soon as her separation from DeGeneres ended up being public.

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In may 2008, the California can be fried Court ruled the ban on same-sex marital relationship to it is in unconstitutional (via the Los Angeles Times). When Ellen DeGeneres hadn"t initially planned to propose to Portia de Rossi at the time, the timing cleared up perfectly because that them. At a joint date of birth party for the couple, DeGeneres was at first going to surprised de Rossi v a commitment awareness (via Oprah). With gay marital relationship newly legalized, DeGeneres take it the opportunity to propose to de Rossi instead.

The 2 were married soon after in august of that exact same year in one intimate ceremony v close friends and family (via CBS News). The wedding took place at your Los Angeles home, and both wore outfits designed because that them by Zac Posen. Your ceremony to be filled with sweet and also sentimental moments: they exchanged vows while sit on floor pillows in your living room surrounding by candlelight. To optimal it all off, they perfect the night v their favorite vegan red velvet cake.

Marriage to be a large step because that de Rossi, that sincerely wanted to have actually "that type of legal rubber stamp of validity" come her connection with her wife (via Oprah). "Now it"s fact; it"s law. She"s my wife and also I acquire to say the she"s my wife, and that"s simply the means it is," she said.

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Portia de Rossi hadn"t changed her critical name when she first married Ellen DeGeneres in 2008. The wasn"t until 2010, 2 years after their wedding ceremony, that de Rossi submitted the paperwork to take it on she wife"s last name (via Time). The name adjust was granted a month later, and also Portia de Rossi ended up being Portia DeGeneres. Portia Lee James DeGeneres is the actor"s complete legal name, though she still supplies de Rossi for professional purposes. This wasn"t de Rossi"s first go-around at transforming her name either. Until the period of 15, Portia de Rossi was actually well-known as Amanda Rogers (via the Advocate).

de Rossi described how she legally adjusted her name at 15 because of internal conflict about her sexuality: "Everything simply didn"t fit, and I was trying to discover things I might identify myself with, and it began with mine name." She determined the name Portia as an homage come Shakespeare"s "The vendor of Venice" and de Rossi as a means of creating a more Italian-sounding name.

On she talk display in 2013, Ellen DeGeneres opened by telling the audience just how she uncovered rumors circulating in tabloids that she and Portia de Rossi were getting divorced. While in ~ the hair salon, DeGeneres i found it a tabloid through her and also de Rossi"s photo on the prior page. "I thought, "Oh, that"s sweet, they"re honoring us,"" she began. "And climate I check out the title underneath and also it claimed "Ellen and Portia"s marital relationship Crumbles." i was like, "Oh, what happened? They seemed so happy,"" she joked. 

Divorce rumors have clung come the couple since soon after the 2 married. In spite of DeGeneres addressing the rumors in 2013, the rumors surged 3 years later. DeGeneres told people in 2016, "We"ve been adhered to recently by the paparazzi, and we discovered out it"s since there"s a story out there the we"re getting divorced. Us don"t know why. We"re with each other all the time. We genuinely love each other."

Portia de Rossi became vegan as soon as she and Ellen DeGeneres moved onto a farm yard in California. After witnessing her cows communicate with the couple"s brand-new mare in a touching and also human way, de Rossi chose to protect against eating meat. "I began crying and also thought, ns can"t possibly keep eating these animals," she said Oprah.com. The pair has been vegan ever before since and even had actually vegan catering at your wedding. In 2019, they also invested money into the vegetable cheese company, Miyoko"s Creamery. "Being sort to one an additional is no just about people, the extends to pets as well," DeGeneres said in a declare (via tree Based News).

For DeGeneres" 60th birthday, de Rossi surprised her wife by building a campus because that the Dian Fossey research facility for gorillas in her name. Dian Fossey to be a famous primatologist in the 1960s, whose study on mountain gorillas landed she on the prior cover of National geographical in 1968. When presenting the birthday reveal to she wife, de Rossi added, "When people ask mine wife, that is the human living or dead you many want to interview, her answer is always Dian Fossey" (via "The Ellen DeGeneres Show").

In 2020, "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" came under fire after ~ several previous employees alleged the the show detailed a toxic occupational environment. The BuzzFeed exposé gathered interviews native 10 previous employees that pointed to an elderly managers and executive producers as the main chauffeurs of toxic actions on set. "If she wants to have her own show and have her name on the display title, she requirements to be much more involved to watch what"s walk on," said one of the interviewees.

Warner Media performed an internal investigation shortly after, although resources specified that the examination was no directed toward DeGeneres (via Today). Portia de Rossi soon posted on Instagram to thank fans because that their ongoing support. "I was standing by Ellen" read the blog post posted by de Rossi. The examination concluded v staffing changes and internal adjustments (via Today). In 2021, DeGeneres chose to finish the display after 19 year on the air. She told this particular day her decision to be not based upon the conflict from the year before, nor to be it due to the ratings decline; rather, she decision was started on the emotional chaos the debate had placed her through.

The couple have frequently told sources they are finest friends over all else. Both Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres have roots in comedy, which comes with in your inside jokes and also bubbly interviews together. DeGeneres called People about a recurring inside joke between the two: "Portia and I have this joke that if we"re lying in bed because that a little while, I"ll say, "What room you reasoning about?" and also she states "horses." and then she says, "What room you thinking about?" and also I go, "houses." Literally any type of time that the day, horses and houses." (More on homes in a bit.)

Any strong relationship is built on a structure of friendship, and its clear that de Rossi and DeGeneres share a beautiful friendship, even after a decade of marriage. "I can"t imagine not being married. I have my finest friend, the human being I desire to invest time with much more than anybody rather in the world," DeGeneres told People. In one more interview the pair did with civilization after twelve year of marital relationship behind them, both affirmed the gratitude was key to their effective relationship. Even when traveling, the couple finds ways to express their love for one another. For example, de Rossi will certainly leave love notes for DeGeneres come find, when DeGeneres will have the hotel employee at de Rossi"s location leave rose petals in the form of a love on her bed.

As of 2021, Ellen DeGeneres has bought and also sold end 20 residences with she wife, Portia de Rossi, at her side (via architectural Digest). In she childhood, DeGeneres "never had actually a residence when i was cultivation up," she told architectural Digest. After dreaming around owning a residence her totality life, DeGeneres was figured out to to buy a house of she own. "The an initial thing ns did as soon as I made money to be buy a house. And also then—" she began. "Another one," her wife chimed in. "And one more one and also another one and another one..."

In one interview on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," DeGeneres opened up up around her understand for home flipping: "I prefer real estate, and I prefer the entirety architecture and also design, and I love law it." DeGeneres has actually sold her countless houses come a number of fellow celebrities including Will Ferrel, Ariana Grande, heather Ledger, and also Ryan Seacrest, to surname a few.

In 2014, Ellen DeGeneres announced on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" the her wife, Portia de Rossi, had actually started delving into cooking. Follow to DeGeneres, de Rossi had begun to teach it s her the fundamentals of home cooking without taking any type of specialty classes. "I love prepare food, and also I love, like, making the the perfect temperature," de Rossi stated of she hobby (via "The Ellen DeGeneres Show"). "I garnish," she included with a flourish.

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When the pair participated in an interview with close friend Jennifer Aniston, de Rossi revealed her only pet peeve the DeGeneres: how her mam would constantly get as much as feed the cats best after de Rossi set out the perfectly-timed dinner she produced the evening. DeGeneres admitted she knew her wife"s pet peeve, joking, "I rush up and also rush and also feed them, but sometimes castle want different choices. So, I placed down two different kinds because they"re hungry."

Both Ellen DeGeneres and also Portia de Rossi have actually been public about their decision not to have actually children. De Rossi speak at length around the concern with the end Magazine: "There come some press in your mid-30s, and you think, "Am ns going come have youngsters so ns don"t miss out on out ~ above something that other civilization really seem to love? Or is it that ns really genuinely want to carry out this with my totality heart?"" de Rossi continued, "I didn"t feel the my solution was "yes" come the latter. You have to really want to have kids, and neither of united state did. Therefore it"s simply going to it is in me and also Ellen and also no babies."

In 2015, DeGeneres addressed the same worry on the "Today" show: "I love kids, yet that"s such a big commitment ... The seems choose a commitment the you have to stick with. And also I just don"t recognize if I can — it"s too risky" (via us Weekly). In spite of the pair deciding to abstain from parenthood, they have actually several rescue animals and also often select properties large enough to accommodate their farm animals when castle move. At the time of their wedding in 2008, a reporter inquiry the couple, ""Where carry out you view yourselves on her 25th anniversary?" and also they both claimed on a farm with a the majority of animals" (via CBS News).