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It’s nearly here! Ellen’s 2020 12 job of Giveaways is right away the corner. #ellenshow #12daysofgiveaways get in now for your possibility to win a pair of online audience tickets for a taping the Ellen’s 12 job of Giveaways. There wil tho be too many of good prizes come win even though the display is digital this year.

What surprises does Ellen have actually in keep this season? remain tuned to uncover out, and also enter because that your chance to victory every giveaway the audience wins!


When is Ellen’s 12 job of Giveaways because that 2020?

The exact days of she giveaway won’t be known simply year yet now v November there will certainly be arbitrarily giveaways for tickets and prizes.

Check earlier here for more of Ellen’s 12 days giveaways

Ellen’s 12 work of Giveaways and Grand compensation Contest

Every time an Ellen 12 work of Giveaways episode airs, castle will select nine lucky fans come win every little thing the audience won that day! Bookmark this page, and also check earlier often, because you never understand when a 12 job episode will happen!

Click here to Enter

Official Rules: US, 18+. November 23 – December 14, 2020 at 5:59 am PT. You can only get in each day-to-day Giveaway once, yet you can go into every individual daily Giveaway.

Contest evaluate Criteria: 3.3% ~ above creativity, 33.3% ~ above originality, and also 33.3% ~ above appropriateness come the layout of the dispute (i.e., tell us why you worthy to win the Prize).

Contest entry Methods:

Head to the food selection within the application to find the 12 Days grand Prize entrance banner. Download the ellentube application from the App Store or Google Play!

Game that Games: The Game. You can win by playing Ellen’s game of Games and also competing in our one-of-a-kind 12 days of Giveaways event! make it all the means to the finish of the map for your opportunity to victory the grand Prize. Download the application from the App Store, or Google Play!

ellen Shop. The official one-stop shop for “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” clothing, gifts, and also more. Visit our virtual store and get in for your possibility to it is in a grand Prize winner!

BE KIND. through ellen Subscription Box. Visit the online store to learn an ext and get in to win this grand Prize package

Ellen Originals Scavenger Hunt. Watch all of the videos below, and also keep a lookout for the holiday-themed emojis in each episode. Then, go into to success the cool Prize by taking our popular music quiz to prove the you recognize which emojis were covert where. Happy hunting!

All LoveLady PartsDo It because that the GrahamOMKalen

Ellen All-Star. To be eligible, very first make sure you’re adhering to Ellen on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Next, monitor Ellen’s favorite accounts ~ above Instagram — 
theellenshop and 
PawsUp. When you’re ready, fill the end this type right here.

Grand Prize challenge (6 – one from each entry method): Every solitary Gift from Every single Day that Ellen’s 12 job of Giveaways This Season. ARV: $25,000.00-$30,000.00, however, given the surprise nature that the 12 Day’s presents 2020, the worth of prizes might substantially vary.

Daily Giveaways: check out entry page for everyday Giveaway prize information.

ENDED Ellen’s 12 job of Giveaways virtual Audience Ticket Giveaway

Click here to Enter

Official Rules: US, Canada, Void QC, 18+. October 28 – November 20, 2020 in ~ 11:59 pm PT. Limit one entry per person/household + bonus for sharing.

Grand prize (1): two virtual audience tickets for the compensation winner and one guest to attend the taping the one episode of Ellen’s 12 days of Giveaways. Value over $4,995

ENDED Ellen’s 5 2nd Holiday Glow increase Contest

How to Enter: Contestants have to create and upload one original video clip that is roughly five (5) seconds and includes a holiday “glow up” transformation. Instances of a “Glow up” transformation include (but is not limited to); a holiday-themed outfit readjust and/or the decorate of whole space. Upload a written statement that no much more than approximately 1,500 personalities answering the complying with question: Why carry out you deserve to success the Prize?

Click right here to Enter

Official Rules: US, 18+. October 23 – November 16, 2020 at 11:59 afternoon PT. One entry every person.

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Judging Criteria: creative thinking of the “glow up” transformation (50%); Originality of video clip (30%); Statement’s premise (i.e. Originality, clarity of expression, and also creativity) in relationship to the template of the challenge (i.e. Tell us why you deserve to win) (20%).

Grand compensation (1): A digital seat in one taping the the “Ellen’s 12 work of Giveaways” holiday illustration on a date determined by Sponsor. (This could include the prizes from the show, we space not sure)

Second Prizes (2): A copy of the board game entitled “5 2nd Rule 10th Anniversary Edition.” ARV: $19.99