In simply a couple of days ~ the internet lit up over the actress Ellen Page"s reaction come the similarity in between herself and the personality of Ellie in The last of Us, both sides seem to be saying, "It"s cool."
But, we know the net loves a good fight so that made headlines throughout the net on plenty of game sites. To be she going come sue? Did that cross some lines in regards to "Fair Use"?


On June 23rd Ellen page was posting and answering concerns on Reddit. A number of her fans to be asking about her short article movie roles and upcoming projects. At some point though, the inescapable question was asked.

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To whit, page replied - "I guess: v I need to be flattered that they ripped off my likeness, yet I am actually acting in avideogamecalled Beyond: two Souls, so it was not appreciated."

But, naughty Dog freshly posted this tweet.

Naughty_Dog-"Wow! The reaction come
EllenPage’s AMA was overblown--After the announcement trailer there was initial confusion leading united state to review Ellie’s look."

And then Ellen replied -"
NaughtyDog, ns agree! Looking front to play #TheLastOfUs."

Throughout this small drama, the actress seems to have actually been in good spirits around this totality thing and recently post this comment --

"Now the this TLOU biz has been cleared up, let"s talk around how this deadly Labyrinth personality is fo sho me"

Click the link, you"ll get a laugh as soon as you watch what she"s talk about.


The only lingering question is, will certainly this tiny dust up give game developers worry for potential future fair Use legislation suits?

Despite gift unintentional, game developers are creating myriads that characters and chances are one occasionally could resemble a renowned individual whose likeness could be exploited. The similarity in this case was solid enough to have players wondering and even human being asking Ellen if she was without doubt the voice and likeness the young Ellie. Also the surname coincidence is pretty much too strong to ignore.

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With the amounts of money at risk and also celebrities from assorted media having actually their likeness provided to encourage products, companies like Naughty Dog may have take extra precaution such mishaps don"t take place in the future. Or the following time, someone might really have actually their sleep rubbed in it.