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she character has actually been v a lot. abc

Ellen Pompeo has played lead function Meredith Grey, the namesake the the show, since episode among the series.

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She's tho the lead. abc

Pompeo has actually grown through the function — she began her very own production company, has command multiple "Grey"s" episodes, and also was the highest-paid actress ~ above a prime-time drama in 2018.

As Grey went on to marry her "McDreamy" and have three youngsters with him, Pompeo found love in her personal life as well with husband chris Ivery. Like Grey, she started her own family throughout the show"s run.

Pompeo remains as the lead of the show.


she character was smart and ambitious. Matt Sayles/AP

The Canadian actress play razor-sharp surgeon Cristina Yang because that 10 seasons, departing the show in 2014.


She now stars ~ above the drama, "Killing Eve." BBC America

Oh was nominated because that an Emmy for finest lead actress in a drama collection on "Killing Eve" in 2018 for she portrayal the the titular character night Polastri.

She was the first Asian woman to get a nomination in this category.

He was a fan favorite. alphabet

Patrick Dempsey portrayed Derek Shepherd, the chef of neurosurgery, for 11 seasons on "Grey"s Anatomy."

He left the show in 2015 and told people magazine that both he and also show creator Shonda Rhimes agreed it was his time come go.

"I"m really grateful for "Grey"s Anatomy,"" Dempsey said People. "It"s given me the possibility to perform everything. Yet at the exact same time, there was a cost."

And through cost, he intended the grueling filming schedule that maintained him native his wife and also three children.

Patrick Dempsey has actually starred on shows and also in movie since.

Patrick Dempsey in "Bridget Jones's Baby." universal

Since starring as Derek Shepherd, Dempsey has showed up in the rom-com, "Bridget Jones"s Baby" and on the TV series "Devils."

Katherine Heigl winner an Emmy for her job-related on "Grey’s."

She winner an Emmy for she role. abc

Heigl won hearts early on in "Grey"s" together lovable and also fierce Izzie Stevens, a operated doctor who supplied to it is in a model.

Heigl to be nominated for a supporting actress in a drama series Emmy for her work on "Grey"s Anatomy" in 2007 and won.

Katherine Heigl left "Grey’s Anatomy" and went to act on various other shows.

Katherine Heigl on "Suits." Hypnotic

The year after she Emmy win, Heigl eliminated herself indigenous Emmy consideration, supposedly angering creatives behind "Grey"s Anatomy." Heigl left the present in 2010.

"Everyone had actually been functioning really hard to discover an amicable and gracious way of letting go and moving on," Heigl told Entertainment Weekly at the time. "It"s sad but it"s what i wanted."

The actress is married come Josh Kelley and also they have three kids together. Heigl later on joined the display "Suits" in 2018 after Meghan Markle"s imperial departure.

T.R. Knight to be a lovable favorite together George O’Malley.

His character to be well-loved. alphabet

Another initial collection regular, T.R. Knight played the friendly and also able medical professional George O"Malley. But he left during season five, apparently due to worries with the an imaginative direction that his character.

"My five-year experience proved to me that I might not trust any answer that was given," Knight called CNN in ~ the time. "And through respect, I"m walking to leave it in ~ that."

T.R. Knight has since gotten married and also starred in other projects.

T.R. Items in "The great Wife." CBS

Knight wed Patrick Leahy in 2013. He has since been on shows choose "The great Wife," "The Catch," and also "Genius," among other projects.

Justin Chambers play the rough-around-the-edges Alex Karev.

His rough edges softened over a couple of seasons. abc

Another one of the original intern group, Justin Chambers play pediatric surgeon Alex Karev.

Justin Chambers left in 2019 to pursue various other projects.

He to be on the display for 15 years. Alberto E. Rodriguez/GettyImages

Chambers was among the few to have remained on the display for 16 seasons, yet in January the gibbs announced that he was done play Alex Karev.

"There"s no good time to say goodbye come a show and character that"s defined so much of my life because that the previous 15 years,"Chambers claimed in a statementobtained through The Wrap. "For some time now, however, I have hoped come diversify my acting roles and also career choices. And, together I revolve 50 and also am blessed through my remarkable, donate wife and five exorbitant children, now is the time."

Chambers is married to Keisha Chambers and they have 5 children.

According to TV Line, the last episode featuring Karev aired in November. In it, that left to go care for his okay mother.

Chandra Wilson plays hard Miranda Bailey, the teacher indigenous the start.

She's been keeping surgeons in check due to the fact that season one. alphabet

Chandra Wilson dram the lovable and tough Miranda Bailey, who was the core team of interns" resident ago during the beginning of the show"s run.

Chandra Wilson still has actually a lead role on "Grey’s."

She's due to the fact that been nominated for Emmy awards because that her duty as Miranda Bailey. abc

Wilson was nominated because that an Emmy for finest supporting actress in a drama collection for her duty as Miranda Bailey in 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009.

Wilson has alsoappeared ~ above "General Hospital."

James Pickens Jr. Will always be the "Chief" in numerous fans’ hearts.

His character has been with a lot. abc

James Pickens Jr. Theatre the duty of Richard Webber, a Grey-Sloan Memorial veteran that was romantically associated with Meredith Grey"s mother, Ellis, and also is currently married come Jackson Avery"s mother, Catherine.

James Pickens Jr. Is tho on "Grey’s Anatomy."

But, his character is no longer Chief of surgical treatment on the show. abc

Pickens Jr. Is still right now on "Grey"s." In 2018, he appeared on "The Conners."

Kate Walsh join the series at the finish of season one.

She played a surgeon. abc

Kate Walsh verified up at the finish of the an initial season that "Grey"s Anatomy" as OB-GYN Addison Montgomery, Derek Shepherd"s estranged wife.

Her initial role in the show was to serve as component of the love triangle in between herself, Derek, and also Grey.

Kate Walsh got a spin-off and has due to the fact that acted on various other series.

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She has a duty on Netflix's "13 factors Why." Netflix

After a few seasons of "Grey"s," Addison became such a show favorite that Walsh earn the spin-off medical drama "Private Practice."

Walsh left "Grey"s Anatomy" for good during season three and also the subsequent show "Private Practice" lasted for six seasons, native 2007 come 2013.

Walsh has because acted in various other projects, most recently in Netflix"s teen drama "13 reasons Why."

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