Ellie Soutter Biography and also Cause the Death

Ellie Soutter (25 July 2000 – 25 July 2018) was a british snowboarder. She won a bronze medal representing an excellent Britain in ~ the 2017 european Youth Olympic Winter Festival in the snowboard cross.

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She was raised primarily by she father, Tony. She is the daughter that bodybuilder and Miss U.K. Lorraine Denman. She there is no shared any hints around She’s family members details. Also, over there is no confirmed information around married life, divorce and affairs. We’ll keep you posted if there’s any more update native the team.

Ellie Soutter Biography and Cause of Death

She was born ~ above 25th July, 2000. She to be born in England. Together she was born to England parents, her nationality is English. She father surname is Tony Soutter. Native the very little age of 3, she started her career as a snowboarder. She ethnicity is White. She Zodiac sign is Leo. Her religion is Christianity.

She grew up in the Oxted and born in England, her parent’s name is Tony Soutter and also Lorraine Denman. Once she to be young your parents’ decision to leaving each other and also after the divorced Ellie and also his dad Tony Soutter moved to Les it s okay at the time her period is ripe years old.


Soutter won great Britain’s only medal in ~ the 2017 european Youth Olympic Winter Festival, a bronze in the snowboard cross, and also was likewise the team’s flagbearer in ~ the close up door ceremony. In 2017 she was nominated and also shortlisted because that the Ski club of good Britain’s Evie Pinching Award, an annual award because that young snowsports athletes. Soutter had actually been selected come represent great Britain in ~ the junior Snowboard civilization Championships in brand-new Zealand in august 2018.

Ellie was one of the star players of the adventurous snow game. Furthermore, she had actually won a copper medal in the europe Youth Olympic Winter Festival organized in Turkey 2017. It to be the solitary medal completed by her v the brothers team.

She to be preparing for the 2022s Beijing Winter Olympics through her team. Furthermore, she had successfully completed Freeride Junior tourism for 2017-18 seasons. Moreover, she had actually attended the inaugural awareness of the Europa Cup Snowboard cross Border Program.

Ellie Soutter Death

Soutter hanged herself in the woodlands close to her French house on she 18th birthday, 25 July 2018. A few days later, her father Tony claimed he assumed her “history the mental health and wellness issues”, combined with the push of high-level power expectations, contributed to her death, and also called on sports authorities to provide far better support because that young athletes. He said “mental health and wellness awareness requirements to be yes, really looked at and also made much more public”.

Ellie Soutter cause Of Death

Tragic snowboarder Ellie Soutter committed suicide in a remote wooded area near her home in Les Gets, France, she heartbroken family has confirmed. Police tracker dogs discovered her human body at 11.15pm ~ above Wednesday, she 18th birthday. ~ above Friday night, family and also friends had actually been because of attend a joint party come celebrate she birthday and her father’s, which drops on Monday.

Poignantly, the same people gathered at the exact same venue in Les it s okay to grieve. Ellie was taken into consideration one that Britain’s future snowboarding stars. She had pinned her hopes of completing for Team GB in the Winter Olympics in 2022. Her uncle Jeremy Soutter, that flew in native the UK to comfort his brother, said: “Everything was already in location for tonight.

Ellie had actually been looking front to it. At least a dozen world were comes from the UK because that it.” Jeremy, CEO in ~ Carne worldwide Fund Managers, said: ”Ellie grew up through her dad Tony. They were exceptionally close. As soon as Tony and his mam divorced, Tony was adamant that would bring Ellie up. He has quite extraordinary education skills.

Ellie Soutter Tributes

Eliies’s current boyfriend Oscar Mandin additionally a snowboarder post a picture of them together near large Ben through the post ‘Goodbye Ellie’ and a red heart.So sad to hear that the fatality of 18 year old snowboarder Ellie Soutter. The self-destruction epidemic amongst the young is frightening.

Ellie Soutter TributesEveryone at GH Sports and also GH photos send their finest wishes to the family members of young brothers snowboarder Ellie Soutter, that tragically passed away yesterday on she 18th birthday. She won Bronze in ~ the european Youth Olympic Winter Festival, the just medal that GB take it home and also was

Ellie Soutter Relationship

Ellie Soutter is yes, really closed around private life. We don’t have actually much information about Ellie Soutter dating and current partnership status.Ellie Soutter’s recent dating information, Marital Status, Hookup/Breakup, involved & previous partnership stats will certainly be update soon.

Ellie Soutter network Worth

According come our present Database, Ellie Soutter’s net Worth: $49 Million

Estimated existing Net precious $49 Million

Last Year’s network Worth (Approx.) $49 Million

Salary (Annual/Monthly) Under Review.

Source of income Primary Income resource .

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Noted, This is no just around the lot of cash the they have. It requires their all at once value. When computer their network worth, we need to think about their cash, investments, assets and other determinants in their an individual life that add to an ext value.