In a wide-ranging interview v The new York Times, Elon Musk spoke of the heavy toll the running Tesla has taken on his personal life.Credit...Joshua Lott/Getty Images

Tesla is not considering hiring a second in command, the electrical carmaker’s founder and chief executive, Elon Musk, claimed in wide-ranging comment to The new York Times.

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Mr. Musk’s remarks came throughout an hourlong interview Thursday in i beg your pardon he defined the extraordinary needs of running Tesla and the profound impact it has had on his an individual life.

“If you have anyone who deserve to do a better job, you re welcome let me know. They have the right to have the job,” he stated from his house in Los Angeles. “Is over there someone who can do the project better? They have the right to have the reins right now.”

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Here are 5 takeaways native the interview.

Impromptu Tweet ~ above the means to the Airport

Mr. Musk provided a in-depth timeline that the events that came before the tweet the roiled financial markets, outlining how the day started with an early workout at his home before he drove self to the plane in a Tesla version S.

En route, the typed out the blog post that enraged the latest dilemm over his leadership of Tesla.

Mr. Musk claimed no one the review or witnessed the tweet prior to he sent it, but the write-up sent Tesla’s share soaring. That then got to the airport and also took a personal jet come a Tesla battery tree in Nevada. Later on that evening, he flew come the san Francisco just Area and held meetings right into the night.

When Mr. Musk sent the tweet, Tesla’s re-superstructure price rocketed upward, lastly closing up 11 percent to complete the day just above $379. He claimed in the interview that he had sought to offer shareholders a about 20 percent premium over where the stock had recently to be trading, and also rounded up to $420 a share.


Since then, however, Tesla’s share price has actually nose-dived. Top top Friday, Tesla shares ended trading at $305.50, a loss of around 9 percent because that the work — and around 24 percent lower from where the price closed on the work of the tweet.

Will over there Be a No. 2?

“To the ideal of mine knowledge,” Mr. Musk called The times on Thursday, there was “no energetic search ideal now.” human being familiar with the matter, however, stated that executives were in search of a No. 2 executive, and one human said the hunt had intensified in current weeks.

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Oct. 22, 2021, 7:12 p.m. ET

A couple of years ago, Tesla approached Sheryl Sandberg, at this time Facebook’s 2nd most an elderly executive, about the job, Mr. Musk said.

No Regrets

Although his tweet triggered questions native the Securities and also Exchange commission — such details is typically issued through official channels after comprehensive preparation — and also from his own board, Mr. Musk stated he did not regret sending it.

“Why would certainly I?” the asked.

The Tesla chief said he did not plan to avoid using Twitter, either. Part board members have actually recently said him that he should lay off the society media platform and focus ~ above his company, according to world familiar with the matter.

‘Not on Weed’

Once Mr. Musk’s tweet around taking Tesla personal was posted, speculation to be rife the his target re-superstructure price, $420, held an implicit post — the number has come to be code for marijuana in counterculture lore.

Mr. Musk was, however, critical in his response. “I was no on weed, to it is in clear,” he said.

“Weed is not helpful for productivity. There’s a reason for the word ‘stoned.’ You just sit there choose a stone on weed.”

He go note, though, the he sometimes takes Ambien to help him sleep when he is no working, a exercise that has actually worried some of Tesla’s board members.

They issue that the drug does not placed Mr. Musk to sleep, however instead contributes to late-night Twitter sessions, a person acquainted with the matter said. Some board members are also aware that Mr. Musk has occasionally used recreational drugs, follow to world familiar with the matter.

‘The Worst Is yet to Come’

Mr. Musk outlined the toll that running Tesla had taken top top his personal life, native spending the whole of his date of birth at work-related to nearly lacking his brother’s wedding, where he was to be finest man.

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But while that effort shows up to have helped Tesla obtain a firmer footing, things can get worse for him personally, the said.

“I believed the worst of it to be over — I believed it was,” the said. “The worst is over from a Tesla work standpoint.”

“But indigenous a personal pain standpoint,” Mr. Musk added, “the worst is yet to come.”