Just through himself, Tesla CEO and SolarCity Chairman Elon Musk may be among the most disruptive forces in the electric power sector today. 

Deeply committed to a clean and also sustainable energy future, Musk is developing the fix up technologies and business models essential to transition away indigenous a an international reliance ~ above fossil fuels. But Musk isn"t doing it quietly. Every word the comes out of his mouth is very closely followed by the media and the markets. 

To acquire a better sense the what he"s planning, energy Dive choose the eight many quotable moment of Musk"s time in the spotlight. 

1. "We will run the end of energy and die"

Musk to trust fossil fuel-fired generation needs to be phased out -- as fast as possible. 

"By definition we must relocate towards renewable energy," Musk said. "How can civilization argue versus that? come argue that is come say that at some point we will run the end of energy and die or civilization will collapse."

2. Tesla"s mission: "To advice the advent of sustainable transport"

A huge part of this plan is electrical vehicles, i m sorry can significantly reduce the lot of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.

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The mission of Tesla is "to accelerate the introduction of sustainable transport through bring compelling massive market electrical cars to market as quickly as possible," Musk write in The an enig Tesla motors Master arrangement (just in between you and also me).

3. Musk wants more competition in the electric vehicle business

Musk is not simply in it for the money -- as confirmed by the reality that he has been quite vocal in prodding the auto industry to gain into the electric auto business. 

"The factor for me to do it is not since I witnessed a huge market opportunity. It was clear that we were not going to see electrical cars from significant car manufacturers," Musk said, as reported by Techcrunch. “The industry was operating under two false premises. One, that you can not develop a compelling electrical car. And also two, that no one would certainly buy it.”

"Now that we’ve become profitable, we suppose that other manufacturers will gain into the electric vehicle market,” Musk observed, yet "the solution thus much has been slower 보다 I’d like."

4. "You can"t count on the market to execute the appropriate thing"​

Musk plans to create 500,000 Tesla electric vehicles every year by 2020.

“When you have actually an unpriced externality," Musk defined in this video, "you can’t rather rely on the market to carry out the right thing. For this reason in order to have electrical vehicles come sooner 보다 they otherwise would—electric vehicles were constantly going to it is in the irreversible transportation mechanism, however to make that day come sooner—you have to bridge that gap with innovation."

Tesla"s strategy "is to enter at the high end of the market, whereby customers are all set to pay a premium, and then drive down industry as rapid as feasible to greater unit volume and lower prices through each successive model," Musk said. 

5. Solar demands "a enormous volume of stationary battery packs"

Tesla isn"t just a automobile company. Musk has announced plans to build a $5 billion Giga factory the will develop 35 gigawatt-hours of lithium-ion batteries every year -- more than the volume of every the battery on the earth today combined.

"This will allow us to accomplish a major reduction in the price of our battery packs and accelerate the speed of battery innovation," Musk said in Tesla"s investor newsletter. "This will also enable us to attend to the solar power industry’s need for a enormous volume the stationary battery packs."

6. "Look right into solar"

Musk told his cousin lindon Rive come "look into solar" on your way to Burning Man in 2004​. Rive then co-founded SolarCity, the residential solar installer and also financier, due to the fact that "we have to readjust the method we burn fossil fuels. We just have to." The rest is history.

7. "Solar will be the solitary largest source of electrical power generation"

Solar is the future of power generation, follow to Musk.

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"Solar strength batteries will be the main (not exclusive) way of sustainable power production," Musk said.​ the believes "quite strongly that solar power will be the solitary largest resource of electrical power generation by the mid-point that the century."​

“People carry out not know the size of the business," Musk said. "It’s really very, an extremely significant.”

8. "Not defined by patents"

Global vehicle production reached 100 million vehicles in 2013, however electric vehicles comprised a miniscule portion of the number. By opening all of Tesla"s modern technology patents approximately the world, Musk made it clean he is committed to increasing present EV manufacturing numbers as quick as possible. 

"Technology management is not identified by patents," Musk claimed in "All ours Patent are Belong come You." Most companies keep their modern technology a very closely guarded mystery in order to stop other companies native replicating or bettering that technology.

Tesla doesn"t have enough significant competition to make this policy necessary. "Our true compete is not the little trickle the non-Tesla electric cars gift produced," Musk said, "but fairly the enormous flood of gasoline cars putting out of the world’s factories every day." 

Musk to trust the mix of electrical vehicles, stationary storage and solar power will result in “an as whole system that functions that can scale to an international capability.”