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Elton Black and Son Funeral Home provides both cremation and also funeral options, including custom funeral and also memorial solutions in White Lake Township and also the surrounding neighborhoods in Oakland County, Michigan. For over 50 years, family members have trusted united state to treatment for your needs throughout their difficult time of loss.

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Committed come Oakland County

We room proud come serve citizens in the White Lake, Waterford, Commerce, West Bloomfield and also Highland townships. Our funeral directors and support employee live in the area and also offer the personal care you intend from a locally operated funeral home.

Our funeral residence facilities

Elton Black and also Son Funeral house operates 2 facilities. Our Union Lake Road ar is southern of St. Patrick Church and also our Highland ar is top top M-59 in between Duck Lake Road and Ormond Road. Both locations have spacious visitation rooms and devoted areas to organize catered funeral luncheons.

Personalized services

No matter which choice you choose, ours caring staff renders it special. We will help create personalized funeral services and also obituaries, photo slideshows, custom printed materials, music and also even catering—everything you require to arrangement a tribute that friends and also family will remember.

We honor veterans

At Elton black & child Funeral Home, we know the distinct needs the America’s veterans and also their families. Together a Level four Founding ar Partner with We respect Veterans, we room honored to serve our nation’s heroes and take this obligation seriously. We have taken actions to for sure our employee is knowledgeable of every the benefits available to armed forces veterans and also their families.

In addition, us host community events yearly in honor of our veterans and work closely with neighborhood veterans organizations. Through respect, integrity and dignity, we will walk you through the steps of producing a veteran’s memorial service that important honors the life and sacrifice of your loved one.

The Homeless Veterans interment Program provides a dignified funeral service in ~ no charge for default homeless and indigent veterans, ensuring they get the respect merited by your service. We additionally give Veterans of international Wars and American Legion members a discount top top funeral or cremation services and merchandise, plus a complimentary flag case, aftercare planner and accessibility to our 24-hour Compassion Helpline®.

Serving White Lake

To further present our dedication to White Lake, ours funeral house staff supports neighborhood clubs, charities and groups in ours area. Our Public Servants Program provides dignified and also honorable burials—at no cost—for career and volunteer regulation enforcement officers, firefighters and also emergency solutions personnel who fall in the line of duty.

We likewise know the ns of a boy is unimaginable and offer the Cherished Infant program for households experiencing financial hardships during this loss. In the occasion that a household needs come take advantage of this program, our staff will cover any kind of service or merchandise prices the family members may have associated with the death of one infant—at no price to the family.

Donate Life program

The annual Donate Life climbed Parade rise is the heart of a national campaign that inspires human being to conserve the resides of thankful recipients by registering to be organ, eye and tissue donors. Each year, Dignity Memorial® sponsors floragraphs—floral portraits do from organic materials featured on the float—that respect individual deceased organ donors. These sponsorships give family members a special opportunity to honor your loved one and tell your donation story.

In your time the need

At Elton Black and also Son Funeral home it is our respect to bring compassion to those we serve, making a difference in each life we touch. Please call us come learn more about our funeral residence in White Lake or to receive assistance with your funeral and cremation needs.


Elton Black and Son Funeral residence is located in White Lake, Michigan. Because that over 50 year we have helped families with your funeral and also memorial demands while farming to fulfill the demands of the Oakland ar community.

Our founding

Elton Black and also Son Funeral home was founded in 1964 by Elton and Hilda Black. Our first location was developed on Union Lake road in White Lake, Michigan. When their son, David, took end the business, he opened a second location ~ above Highland road (M-59) in Highland, Michigan.

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Continuing care

Today we space a proud member that the Dignity Memorial® network. Our staff has actually helped lead our funeral residence into the next generation that service, and also we room privileged and committed to the families we serve.