If you just seen “The Lion King,” girlfriend may have recognized two songs not had in the 1994 initial animated classic, consisting of one by the film’s songwriter, Elton John.

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The first of the two brand-new songs sung during the movie is Beyoncé’s “Spirit,” and we’re guessing you known her voice. However the song that plays end the film’s end credits is in reality a new track by sir Elton. The song is referred to as “Never as well Late,” and also John teamed increase again v lyricist Tim Rice to record the track for Disney’s live-action remake of “The Lion King.”

“Never also Late” is one upbeat, bouncy tune with a Motown, throwback vibe and an accompanying african choir, and it appears both during the film’s finish credits and on the official soundtrack because that “The Lion King.” The song is likewise a new one tape-recorded specifically for the remake quite than an unused outtake native 1994’s “The Lion King.”

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John and Rice created the music and lyrics for “Can You feel the Love Tonight,” “Be Prepared,” “Hakuna Matata,” “I just Can’t Wait To it is in King” and “Circle the Life” because that the initial film, all of which additionally appear in the new one, through a few updated lyrics and sounds as overseen by Pharrell Williams. And also both John and also Rice won the finest Original song Oscar for “Can You feeling the Love Tonight.”

Back in 2018, man teased that his track can ultimately be a team-up v Beyoncé. “And climate there will be one end, closing song, and we’ve been speaking come Beyonce’s people, and hopefully Tim and also I and also her can chef up something,” john told The Sun. “And it will certainly be an excellent to work-related with her. Therefore we will certainly see.”

As of appropriate now, that dream collaboration doesn’t it seems to be ~ to have actually panned out, despite Beyoncé did put out her own solitary called “Spirit.” That song plays together Simba (Donald Glover) makes the fateful decision to return house to Pride rock after her character Nala discovers that in exile, and it too appears on the film’s soundtrack.

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In all, “The Lion King” soundtrack features new recordings of all the initial songs created by John and Rice, the film’s score by Hans Zimmer, plus african vocal and also choir kinds by Grammy-winning southern African producer and composer Lebo M. Lebo M performs the 2 songs that follow “Never as well Late” in the closeup of the door credits, “He stays In You,” and also “Mbube.” Pharrell Williams additionally produced five of the monitor on the soundtrack.

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Interestingly enough, if “Never as well Late” to be to be submitted for an Oscar for ideal Original Song, john would have to compete not just with Beyoncé, but likewise himself. Man recorded an additional original song called “(I’m Gonna) Love Me Again,” working with longtime lyricist Bernie Taupin, for the close up door credits to his biopic “Rocketman.”

The official soundtrack because that “The Lion King” also includes brand-new takes ~ above John and Rice’s songs as recorded by Donald Glover, Beyonce, Billy Eichner and also Seth Rogen and also is available now. Check out “Never as well Late” above.

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