Cassandra Peterson, better known together Elvira, discover some genuine life hauntings the plagued her and Star battles star mark Hamill.

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By Aaron Sagers | October 8, 2021 | | comments count:0
Photo: picture Courtesy that Cassandra Peterson

As Elvira, purveyor that puns and also spooky sex appeal, Cassandra Peterson has actually literally draped it s her in the macabre, and also guided pan on a shlock and also awe journey through horror cinema because that 40 years. And also in her new autobiography, Yours Cruelly, Elvira: Memoirs the the Mistress that the Dark, Peterson details her life before creating the Queen of Halloween and the wild drive after the fact. At time the book reads prefer a Forrest Gump-ian work of fiction together Peterson (and Elvira) meet Elvis Presley and also Johnny Carson, trains alongside fellow pop society icon Paul Reubens (aka Pee-Wee Herman), and befriends fellow horror legend Vincent Price.

She also met a ghost or two, and lived in a haunted residence once inhabited by Star Wars’ mark Hamill.

The supernatural, paranormal, metaphysical and also other “woo-woo” topics space a recurring design template throughout Yours Cruelly. The very an initial lines of the publication recount a visit to a palm reader once Peterson was 17. She similarly details a paradigm-shifting conversation with The King of absent n’ Roll around spirituality, religion, numerology, and astrology. Peterson to be philosophically affected by the self-actualization principles in The power of your Subconscious Mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy and The scientific research of Mind through Ernest Holmes. And also though required to attend Sunday institution as a child, Peterson doesn’t recognize as religious, yet does believe in a higher power.

But it to be at she Briarcliff Manor house in the Hollywood Hills, California, that Peterson came confront to face with the afterlife. After learning the residence in 1989, following practically a decade as Elvira, Peterson occurred upon the 21-room, 5,600-square foot mansion constructed in 1910 while walking she dogs. She knew she had actually to very own it, and once she did, “things obtained strange the very very first day we moved into Briarcliff Manor.”

It began with hear footsteps native the empty third floor. Indigenous there, Peterson recounts in she book, she saw an apparition the a mrs dressed in a 1930s-style nurse’s uniform, that warned she was going come “take” Peterson’s resting ex-husband “into the pool.” one more time, she encountered the spectre the a guy in period clothing sit by the fire.

Not just does Peterson report the residence was the website of an ext than one suspicious fatality (including that of a Ziegfeld Follies girl who passed away in the pool, and wasn’t uncovered until the following day), she speak of a dinner party attended by mark Hamill. The Star Wars gibbs revealed he had actually lived in Briarcliff in the 1960s, until one of his housemates passed away by suicide.

Peterson speak Den the Geek in a recent interview: “He drive in the gates, and he just obtained out that the car, and also stood over there going, ‘Oh, my god, ns can’t believe it; this is the house I resided in when I was in college.’”

Peterson said Hamill proceeded to “drop this bomb” around his roommate who died in the home.

“We said all about what had actually been walking on there, so he was completely aware of that, and he told us that story due to the fact that we told him about all of the creepy things that were happening,” Peterson says. “We were like, ‘Oh, my god, you re welcome don’t tell united state that’…of food it turned out to be the grasp bedroom closet right throughout from ours bed.”

Despite her personal beliefs, and also misadventures as Elvira, Peterson said she doesn’t encounter the strange and unusual all the time — also though she currently lives in a “very creepy” house that was previously the website of a “horrible, terrible violent death.” However, she does recall a moment from she youth, “in the 50s, probably,” that she ascribes to the paranormal.

“When ns was a kid, I remained in my basement room,” Peterson tells us. “I had a little closet beside the bed, and also I’d always try to get my friend to execute the Ouija board with me. Yet when they no around, ns didn’t have anybody to execute it, and my sister were totally not interested. For this reason I began doing the Ouija plank on my own.”

Peterson claims she would put her finger on the board, and it would begin “zooming” around.

“I knew ns wasn’t law it; i was the only one there.”

Peterson states that the board started “talking” around Salem, Massachusetts, and also the witch trials, and name “this person, that person.” Around 3rd or 4th grade, Peterson decided she didn’t want to engage any kind of further because she didn’t recognize who was moving the planchette top top the board.

“One night, i freaked out,” she says. “I take it the board, threw the in my closet, slammed the door, obtained in bed, turned turn off the lights, and then i laid there freaking the end for a while. And also then, together I’m ready to autumn asleep, ns hear the small planchette scritch, scritch, scritch, scratching ~ above the board in my closet.”

Peterson states she admits this could be the recollection that a child’s imagination, yet remembers sit up the whole night, “frozen in that spot, as well scared to obtain up and also open the closet door or go everywhere near it.”

The following morning, she told her mom. Peterson’s mom got the board and planchette, threw them both in the backyard incinerator, and burned the up.

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“I was yes, really sad about yet kind that relieved, too.”

When this writer bring up the truth that the Ouija boards, currently owned through Hasbro, in ~ one allude were cultivating their manufacture from Salem, Massachusetts, the Mistress of the Dark replies:

“Oh, seriously? it is bizarre.”

And that is a truly creepy story from the Queen of Halloween. However watch this space for much more from Elvira, Mistress that the Dark, as we celebrate her 40th Anniversary, and talk much more about her memoir Yours Cruelly.