Though they finished up divorced, Priscilla has continued to call the King of rock "n" roll "the love of my life."

Elvis Presley and also Priscilla Beaulieu Presley very first met as soon as he to be 24 and she to be 14. Their age distinction wasn’t a problem for Elvis, who believed he might mold Priscilla right into his right woman. Going along with how Elvis wanted to form her to be at an initial acceptable come Priscilla. However as she flourished older she began to seek much more control end her very own life, which was something their relationship couldn’t survive.

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Elvis and also Priscilla met once she was in the 9th grade

Elvis was stationed in West Germany throughout his stint in the U.S. Army. In 1959 Priscilla come in the nation due come the Air pressure transferring she father there. While she was out v her younger brother, a service member approached Priscilla and also asked if she'd like to accompany him and also his wife to fulfill Elvis. She father, after check in v the man's commanding officer, offered his approval because that a visit.

On a November night in 1959, Priscilla, put on a navy-and-white seafarer dress, traveled to Elvis' temporary residence in poor Nauheim. She automatically captured the star's attention, also when she admitted she to be a ninth-grader. He played numerous songs to admire her, consisting of "Are friend Lonesome Tonight?" yet when she left that night, she suspect the evening wasn't going to it is in repeated.


The singer favored that Priscilla to be young and inexperienced

Elvis witnessed a resemblance between Priscilla and also his newly deceased, and also much lamented, mother, Gladys. He also told his friend Rex Mansfield that Priscilla was "young enough that I deserve to train her any way I want." Elvis wanted Priscilla come visit again. The second time lock met, he invited her to his room, wherein they kissed.

After Priscilla had been on 4 "dates" through Elvis, she parents said an in-person conference was necessary. Once it take it place, Priscilla's father asked why a star was interested in his teenage daughter. Elvis responded, "Well, sir, I take place to be an extremely fond that her. She’s a lot more mature 보다 her age and also I enjoy her company." The Beaulieus to be charmed sufficient to allow Priscilla to save seeing Elvis. Because that the remainder the his stay in Germany, he to be the facility of she world. She ongoing to go to school but fell behind — despite she didn't take the pills Elvis readily available when he noticed she fatigue. “I want you to take these; they’ll aid you remain awake during the day," that told her.

Priscilla's period meant castle couldn't go the end in public, but they still experienced each other often. The just thing castle didn't carry out was completely consummate their relationship. As his time in the army came to a close, Priscilla want to perform so, yet Elvis told her, "Someday us will, Priscilla, but not now. You’re simply too young."

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Elvis and also Priscilla reconnected 2 years after he was discharged

In in march 1960, Elvis, having finished his enlistment, left Germany. Priscilla sent letters, utilizing pink envelopes to make them straightforward to locate amongst Elvis' pan mail. Her parents cautioned her the the star would likely forget her and that the connection was end — but then he dubbed her. And also in 1962, that asked she to visit and also worked to convince her parental to let their teenager travel to Los Angeles.

After Priscilla arrived, Elvis added Las vegas to the trip's itinerary. During their time there, Priscilla began taking amphetamines and also sleeping pills to store up through Elvis' nocturnal schedule. She additionally started attract new, much more adult outfits, i beg your pardon Elvis had actually purchased because that her. In addition, the singer had Priscilla's hair and makeup readjusted to fit his preferences, telling her, "I favor a most makeup."

Priscilla likewise visited Graceland for Christmas that year. Next, Elvis asked she to finish high school in Memphis, which she to be desperate come do. Her parents at first rejected the idea, yet Priscilla ongoing to press the issue as Elvis tried to to convince them that their daughter would be for sure living through his father and also stepmother. He also implied he wanted to marry Priscilla.

Elvis Presley stands with a group of young guys at one induction center, 1958.

" data-full-height="1567" data-full-src="" data-full-width="2000" data-image-id="ci025f57ff4000242a" data-image-slug="GettyImages-3243867" data-public-id="MTcwOTUyMDYzODYwMDg5ODk4" data-source-name="Photo: Hulton Archive/Getty Images">

Elvis Presley getting measured throughout at pre-induction physical examination in ~ Kennedy Veterans Hospital.

" data-full-height="2000" data-full-src="" data-full-width="1386" data-image-id="ci025f57ff3000242a" data-image-slug="GettyImages-50476713" data-public-id="MTcwOTUyMDYzODYwMDkwMDIy" data-source-name="Photo: Don Cravens/The LIFE photos Collection via Getty Images/Getty Images">

Wearing just underwear, Elvis Presley (third, left) raises his arms along with several various other inductees during an inspection at Ft. Chaffee.

" data-full-height="1344" data-full-src="" data-full-width="2000" data-image-id="ci025f57ff500024a6" data-image-slug="GettyImages-53367104" data-public-id="MTcwOTUyMDY0MTI4NTI1MzU0" data-source-name="Photo: Don Cravens/The LIFE photos Collection via Getty Images/Getty Images">

Elvis Presley gets his hair shorn turn off in preparation for his tourism of duty in the United claims Army.

" data-full-height="1499" data-full-src="" data-full-width="2000" data-image-id="ci025f57ff500124a6" data-image-slug="GettyImages-74291253" data-public-id="MTcwOTUyMDY0MTI4NTI1NDc4" data-source-name="Photo: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images">

Elvis Presley gaining a shot during his pre-induction physics at Kennedy Veterans Hospital.

" data-full-height="1307" data-full-src="" data-full-width="2000" data-image-id="ci025f57ff300024a6" data-image-slug="GettyImages-50605776" data-public-id="MTcwOTUyMDYzODYwMTU1NDM0" data-source-name="Photo: Don Cravens/The LIFE pictures Collection via Getty Images/Getty Images">

Elvis Presley walking to the barracks at Ft. Chaffee

" data-full-height="2000" data-full-src="" data-full-width="1350" data-image-id="ci025f57ff3001242a" data-image-slug="GettyImages-50478143" data-public-id="MTcwOTUyMDYzODYwMTU1NTU4" data-source-name="Photo: Don Cravens/The LIFE images Collection via Getty Images/Getty Images">

Elvis Presley, on leave from the Army, escorts his parents to a sneak preview his movie "King Creole" in June 1958.

" data-full-height="1259" data-full-src="" data-full-width="2000" data-image-id="ci025f57ff700024a6" data-image-slug="GettyImages-517330586" data-public-id="MTcwOTUyMDY0MTI4NjU2NDI2" data-source-name="Photo: Bettmann/Getty Images">

Elvis Presley looks at a map with various other soldiers

" data-full-height="1613" data-full-src="" data-full-width="2000" data-image-id="ci025f57ff6001242a" data-image-slug="GettyImages-615313168" data-public-id="MTcwOTUyMDY0MTI4NjU2NTUw" data-source-name="Photo by © CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images">

Elvis Presley hold an artillery gun during army training

" data-full-height="1580" data-full-src="" data-full-width="2000" data-image-id="ci025f57ff6000242a" data-image-slug="GettyImages-615320650" data-public-id="MTcwOTUyMDY0MTI4Nzg3NDk4" data-source-name="Photo: © CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images">

Elvis Presley throughout his military service in the 3rd Armored department of the U.S. Army, October 1958.

" data-full-height="1322" data-full-src="" data-full-width="2000" data-image-id="ci025f57ff9000242a" data-image-slug="GettyImages-1184652563" data-public-id="MTcwOTUyMDY0MTI4NzIyMDg2" data-source-name="Photo: save on computer Photos/Getty Images">

Elvis Presley posing throughout his military organization at a U.S. Basic in Germany

" data-full-height="1447" data-full-src="" data-full-width="2000" data-image-id="ci025f57ff8000242a" data-image-slug="GettyImages-526649140" data-public-id="MTcwOTUyMDY0MTI4NTkxMDE0" data-source-name="Photo: Vittoriano Rastelli/Corbis via Getty Images">

Elvis Presley play acoustic etc for other soldiers in a army barrack near the finish of his service in negative Nauheim, Germany, march 1960.

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" data-full-height="2000" data-full-src="" data-full-width="1328" data-image-id="ci025f57ff8001242a" data-image-slug="GettyImages-670929884" data-public-id="MTcwOTUyMDY0MTI4NzIxOTYy" data-source-name="Photo: James Whitmore/The LIFE picture Collection via Getty Images">

Elvis Presley come at McGuire Air pressure Base after perfect his army tour the duty on march 3, 1960, in brand-new Jersey.

" data-full-height="2000" data-full-src="" data-full-width="1565" data-image-id="ci025f57ff500224a6" data-image-slug="GettyImages-74290797" data-public-id="MTcwOTUyMDY0MTI4NTkwODkw" data-source-name="Photo: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images">