Ann-Margret and Elvis Presley’s passionate to work is currently legendary. After conference on the set of their movie Viva las Vegas, Elvis and also Ann-Margret didn’t care that that was already promised come Priscilla Beaulieu (later, that course, Priscilla Presley). They carried on v their romantic partnership for about a year before parting ways – back they always remained friends, till his fatality in 1977.

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In she 1994 memoir, Ann-Margret: mine Story, the Swedish-American actress revealed the dancing come one song together in Viva las Vegas – “Cheek come Cheek” by The Jubilee four – lugged them even closer together.


Ann-Margret and also Elvis Presley in ‘Viva ras Vegas’ | Silver screen Collection/Getty Images

Ann-Margret and Elvis Presley ‘experienced music in the very same visceral way’

Even before meeting Elvis because that the very first time, Ann-Margret had been explained as “the woman Elvis.” Both Ann-Margret and also Elvis were sex symbols and musical power house in their very own right. The chemistry between them was undeniable, both come them and everyone around them.

In Ann-Margret’s memoir, she described that part of the factor she associated so deeply v Elvis was that they were so similar. The Viva ras Vegas co-stars’ connection to music, for example, to be a driving force in every of your lives and also careers.

On the very first day they met, Ann-Margret wrote, she and also Elvis “discovered two things around each other.”

“Once the music started, neither of us could stand still,” she revealed. “Also, we knowledgeable music in the very same visceral way. Music ignited a fiery pent-up enthusiasm inside Elvis and inside me…We look at each various other move and also saw virtual mirror images.”

As lock danced, lock gyrated and turned at precisely the very same time. That really day, Ann-Margret said Elvis your similarities were merely “uncanny” – and also he agreed.

Ann-Margret and also Elvis Presley dancing in a advancement still because that ‘Viva ras Vegas’ | Silver screen Collection/Getty Images

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The ‘Viva las Vegas’ co-stars mutual a special moment while listening come ‘Cheek to Cheek’

The connection in between Elvis and also Ann-Margret off-screen spilled over right into their job-related as well. In Ann-Margret: mine Story, she defined that she and also the King often worked together with a “sixth sense” the sorts. In fact, lock collaborated come improvise most of the moves for one specifically memorable scene – your dance come “Cheek to Cheek” by The Jubilee Four.

The Viva las Vegas choreographer, David Winters, followed the co-stars into Ann-Margret’s dressing room someday to comment on the song. However when he put on the music, every they might see was each other.

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“He placed on the tape,” Ann-Margret remembered. “We listened to it once, watching each various other from throughout the room, staring right into each other’s eyes and also thinking. We didn’t to speak a word. Us didn’t have to.”

Elvis Presley and also Ann-Margret together Lucky and Rusty in ‘Viva las Vegas’ | Silver display screen Collection/Getty Images

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Elvis and Ann-Margret choreographed many of the move together

After their silent bond was forged, Elvis inquiry the choreographer come play “Cheek come Cheek” again. Their link came alive and also developed into a full-on dance, right there in Ann-Margret’s dressing room.

“The moment the music started, Elvis and also I just started to move,” Ann-Margret wrote in Ann-Margret: mine Story. “Nothing had actually been rehearsed, however to watch you wouldn’t have known that. We extended the whole room, bumping right into the furniture, shoving that aside, circling each other like a couple of caged animals.”

It was in that “spontaneous burst of creativity,” Ann-Margret revealed, that most of the choreography because that “Cheek to Cheek” was set. After she and also the King that Rock and Roll common their primal minute together, a stunned Winters simply told them, “Great. Just do that.”