Two that the many well-known human being in the world, Elvis Presley and also Marilyn Monroe, space beloved sex icons from the 20th century. Presley was known as “The King of Rock and also Roll” v a substantial following that fans. Marilyn was an actor and model through an above look that’s still recognized to this day.

They to be both in the entertainment organization at the same time, but were these two iconic celebrities ever romantically associated in a one-night stand?

Were Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe romantically involved?



Marilyn Monroe | Alfred Eisenstaedt/Pix Inc./The LIFE snapshot Collection via Getty Images

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However, Raphael stated things didn’t finish there. “But Presley didn’t provide up and secretly collection up a meeting,” Raphael continued.

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He claimed that just a couple of weeks later, Presley and Monroe would meet at the Beverly Wilshire hotel when Raphael to be instructed to get Monroe and also bring her to Presley’s hotel room.

“Two main later, Elvis referred to as me and said ‘I desire you to choose up Marilyn,’” Raphael said. “It to be a merganser night and also I brought her come the Beverly Wilshire hotel and we walk upstairs come his room.”

Raphael asserted the two symbols didn’t speak anything, and also just began kissing and eventually went to the bedroom together. “Then Marilyn, that was 10 year older, said, ‘You’re pretty an excellent for a etc player.’ After two minutes they went into the bedroom and I didn’t understand if ns was an alleged to leave, or stay and wait because that them, so I kind of just dozed off,” Raphael said.

Then, he said he woke up to see the two of lock “stark naked” walking the end of the room after the hid behind a adjacent bar.

Raphael claimed Monroe left the hotel in a cab, and that shows up to have actually been the end of it. However, he spoke around Monroe job later, to which he stated Presley replied, “‘She’s a quite gal, but a small tall for me."”

Presley’s former agent claimed he decided to save quiet about the entirety thing. They were both “two that the most famous human being in the world.” Plus, Monroe, initially Norma Jeane Mortenson, was married to Arthur Miller in ~ the time.

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Despite the case of a romantic encounter, nothing was ever before made public till Presley’s former agent revealed the news years later. That a situation some pan will always wonder about when it comes to two the the most well known icons to come the end of the 20th century.