Growing up in a renowned family comes v its plusses and also minuses. And when the family"s patriarch is Elvis Presley, it"s impossible to escape the unavoidable comparisons. However, without sharing his critical name, Elvis" nephew Riley Keough has made a name for herself together a effective actor. After year starring in both indie movies choose American Honey and huge Hollywood films like Mad Max: fury Road, Keough—the daughter that Lisa Marie Presley and Danny Keough—is now start to follow in her grandfather"s footsteps in a brand-new way. To see exactly how Keough"s next duty channels Elvis, review on.

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You can now see 32-year-old Keough in the smash hit movie Zola, which arrived in theatre on June 30 and is currently earning her an essential acclaim. But next up, Keough will star ~ above the Amazon present Daisy Jones & the Six, based on the lover New York Times bestselling novel that the same name that complies with the rise and also fall the a fictitious Fleetwood Mac-esque "70s absent band. Pan of the publication had to be anticipating the casting of the titular character due to the fact that it was announced the it to be being adapted for TV. "I"m so honored come be your Daisy," Keough wrote on Instagram following the spreading news in Nov. 2019.

The function will pressure Keough to shot something she"s never done before, sing and also play guitar, just like Elvis, her mother, and her father, who"s additionally a singer. During a recent interview v Vogue, Keough was asked if having so many musicians in her family made it easier or more daunting to beat one on screen. "I"m tho practicing mine guitar. Ns don"t have any history of singing and playing the etc at all, so i was like, "I don"t recognize if this is for me, yet let"s try!"" said Keough. "I"m law the ideal I can and also the showrunners seem come think it"s working, so ns trust them. It"s something really different because that me and so fun." In July 2020, Keough mutual a photograph of her practicing guitar, seemingly because that the upcoming role.


She may still it is in coming right into her own as a singer and musician, yet Keough recently lent her voice to country star Orville Peck"s cover that "Born This Way" because that Born This means Reimagined: The Tenth Anniversary, celebrate Lady Gaga"s original album and featuring LGBTQ artists and allies. (You deserve to listen to the rendition here, i m sorry was simply released in June because that Pride Month.)

Keough to be asked to record some vocals for the song, since her ideal friend"s husband was producing it and "randomly one day simply texted" her to song background ~ above the track, she stated on The Tonight show With Jimmy Fallon.

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"It was a completely random situation," she called Fallon. "I didn"t understand it was this vast thing that Lady Gaga was releasing the 10-year anniversary, so i was very excited to be a part of it."