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Sixty years ago today, more than 60 million human being watched Elvis Presley do on "The Ed Sullivan Show."

Elvis' first performance top top "The Ed Sullivan Show" took place on September 9, 1956. In ~ this allude in his life, he'd already performed on national television shows favor the Dorsey Brothers' "Stage Show" and "The Milton Berle Show." He'd released his debutalbum and also was filming his very first movie. He had a few hit songs on the charts, favor "Heartbreak Hotel." He was still life on Audubon drive in Memphis and wouldn't acquisition for another few months. Elvis to be famous, andhe was thisclose to ending up being the most well known man in America.

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But that course, Elvis has not yet been booked on the country's most popular variety show, "The Ed Sullivan Show." and also the show's host had promised he wouldn't feature the then-controversial young singer; Elvis had a reputation amongst conservative leaders and parents for his performances, i beg your pardon they regularly labeled together inappropriate or even dangerous. Elvis was just unlike any type of other performer they'd ever before seen, and they to be concerned.

It to be a surprise, then, once Ed announced in the summer the 1956 the Elvis would carry out not simply once, however three times on his show. Ed had watched Elvis' job blossom and also knew he'd traction in high ratings if he enabled Elvis to perform. Elvis' manager, Col. Tom Parker, negotiated hard, and the King of absent 'n' roll was come be paid $50,000 for all 3 performances - an extraordinary amount in ~ the time.

On September 9, 1956, neither Elvis or Ed Sullivan to be in the studios the day because that filming. Ed had suffered injuries in a automobile accident and was at residence recuperating, while actor Charles Laughton to fill in for him top top the show. And also Elvis wasn't in new York City, whereby "The Ed Sullivan Show" was filmed. That was checked out fromHollywood, wherein he remained in the middle of filming "Love Me Tender."

Still, the present was a success - 60 million people, or 82.6 percent of the entire television audience, watched Elvis carry out "Don't it is in Cruel," "Love Me Tender," "Ready Teddy" and also a few verses the "Hound Dog." "Love Me Tender" had not however been released, so pan ate up the new single - which only enhanced thehype because that the new movie and also its soundtrack.

Elvis returned to "The Ed Sullivan Show" - this time through Ed hosting, and in new York City - on October 28, 1956, and also again carry out "Don't it is in Cruel" and "Hound Dog," and "Love Me."

Some almost 60 year later, fans, historians and also pop culture enthusiasts still talk around Elvis' 3rd and final Ed Sullivan performance.

Elvis' last power on "The Ed Sullivan Show" was two days before his 22nd birthday, ~ above January 6, 1957. Attract the same velvet shirt he wore in ~ his homecoming concert in Tupelo in September that 1956, Elvis performed a mix of hits, favor "Love Me Tender," "Heartbreak Hotel," "Hound Dog" and "Too Much," and also the gospel song "Peace in the Valley."

Classic Elvis, right? sort of.

As always, Elvis placed on one amazingly energetic show, and also he dazzling the live audience, who cheered and also screamed through his every move. Yet the audience at home only saw, for the most part, Elvis from the waist up. Castle heard the audience's cheers and screams, yet they didn't watch what precisely was resulting in them, various other than the top half of Elvis. Elvis' now-famous run moves merely weren't seen.

Rumor has it that CBS and also Ed Sullivan got angry calls indigenous those that were offended through Elvis' first two performances, therefore the decision was made come only show Elvis native the belt upfor that 3rd appearance.Elvis indigenous the belt down? as well wild, too obscene, too muchfor American audiences.

Still - when it was every said and also done, and also at the conclusion the that last show, Ed Sullivan called the audience that Elvis was a "real decent, good boy... We desire to say the we've never had a pleasanter experience with a large name 보다 we've had actually with you."

In the end,all 3 of Elvis' performances - and the cool, negative boy reputation Elvis garnered ~ his 3rd appearance - only helped Elvis' career.

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