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For Elvis Presley, childhood and adolescence were an overwhelming and often connected working to help the family with finances. He choose up music beforehand from neighborhood gospel groups and also picked up the guitar once he was just 11 years old. Read on to learn an ext about Elvis Presley as a child and get to understand what early life was favor for America’s above singer.

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January 8, 1935

In Tupelo, Mississippi, shortly prior to dawn, in a two-room house built by she husband, Vernon Presley,and her brother-in-law, Gladys Presley gives birth to twin sons. The first, Jessie Garon, is born stillborn. The second, Elvis Aaron, is born alive and also healthy. Elvis would certainly be their only child.

1935 - 1948

Elvis grow up within a close-knit, working class family, consist of of his parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, who all live close to one an additional in Tupelo. There is small money, but Vernon and Gladys execute their best to provide for your son, that is the center of your lives. They relocate from one residence to another in Tupelo. Elvis attends the Assembly that God Church through his family, and the music and preaching register deeplywith Elvis Presley. Childhood influences incorporate black blues-men in the neighborhood and country music radio programs enjoyed by his family.

October 3, 1945

Ten-year-old Elvis stand on a chair at a microphone and also sings "Old Shep" in a youth talent challenge at the Mississippi-Alabama Fair and Dairy Show, held in Tupelo. The talent present is transfer over WELO Radio. Winning 5th prize, Elvis receive $5.00 in same ride tickets. This is just one of the an initial public music performances because that Elvis Presley together a child.


Elvis’ parents cannot afford a bicycle the Elvis wants, for this reason Gladys talks him right into accepting a guitar instead. Elvis' first guitar costs $12.95 and is purchased in ~ the Tupelo Hardware Company.

November 6, 1948

Elvis plays his guitar and sings "Leaf on a Tree" for his Milam small High course in Tupelo together a farewell. Elvis and also his parents fill their belongings in a trunk, strap it come the roof of your 1939 Plymouth, and move come Memphis, Tennessee, in search of a much better life economically. Various other members that the Presley and Smith family would follow.

1948 - 1953

Elvis and his parents live in public real estate or short rent houses in the negative neighborhoods of north Memphis. Life continues to it is in hard. Vernon and Gladys go from task to job and Elvis attends L.C. Humes High School. Elvis works at various tasks to help support himself and also his parents. The Presley-Smith family members remains close-knit, and also Elvis and his family members attend the Assembly that God Church. The teenage Elvis proceeds to be well-known for singing v his guitar. The buys his clothes on Beale Street and he absorbs the black color blues and also gospel the hears there. He’s likewise a continual audience member at the all-night, white and also black, gospel sings the are organized downtown. He wears his hair lengthy (compared to the day’s standards) and also slick, and also lets his sideburns grow. He’s really different from the other kids, a good-natured misfit.While at Humes High, Elvis nervously sings through his guitar at a college student talent show. Lot to his very own amazement, he gets much more applause than anyone else and also wins, climate performs an encore. The acceptance feels good.

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June 3, 1953

Elvis graduates native Humes High School.


Elvis works at Parker Machinists Shop ideal after graduation. The summer, the drops by The Memphis recording Service, house of the sunlight label, and makes a demo acetate that "My Happiness" and "That’s once Your Heartaches Begin" because that a cost of around $4.00 together abirthday existing for his mother, Gladys. Sam Phillips records Elvis to sing "MyHappiness" and also "That's once Your Heartaches Begin," and afterwardstells his assistant Marion Keisker something that madeher compose down in hernotes, "Good ballad singer. Hold.”

To uncover out what occurred after the Elvis Presley childhood years, readElvis' life and also career native 1954 - 1957. Also, be sure to keep up through the latest Elvis news by following