Elwood, among the world's ugliest dogs, with owner Karen Quigley the Washington Township, N.J. Quigley is hold the snapshot of Elwood that's on the covering of his book, "Everyone Loves Elwood." (File picture by Tim Hawk)


Karen Quigley with Elwood the 2007 people Ugliest Dog. She is stop the first place ribbon because that which Elwood won for being the ugliest mutt, the first of 3 measures to becoming the ugliest dog. File Photo by Tim Hawk

 WASHINGTON TWP. — gift the world's ugliest anything generally isn't a designation anyone would want, but Elwood took that ball and ran approximately the world with it.

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Crowned the world’s ugliest dog in 2007, the 8-year-old Chinese crested and Chihuahua mix native Washington Township passed away unexpectedly Thanksgiving morning — yet his blog post of acceptance resides on.

“The fact is, once he came right into my life, ns knew there to be a reason. Ns knew the night i took him residence there was something I had actually to do,” owner Karen Quigley recalled Saturday.

That “something” became Elwood’s message and mission: be kind and also accepting that differences, adopt homeless animals and educate people around the importance of spaying and neutering pets.

His first place finish in 2007 in ~ the Marin-Sonoma county Fair, in California, turned the end to it is in a blessing in the disguise of a tongue perpetually hanging out, eyes nearly hidden under heavy lids and also one white tuft that hair top top his head.

However, she said the success was the “catalyst” to acquire Elwood’s message moving and helped gain an international audience.

He showed up at charity occasions to raise money because that homeless or abused animals, acquired on TV alongside master such as Regis and Kelly, Anderson Cooper, and also Rachel Ray, and was also featured on Brazilian and also German shows.

In south Jersey, the duo made stops at local schools to present the significance of tolerance and also compassion.

"Elwood has raised hundreds of dollars because that homeless animals and has helped numerous other essential organizations," Quigley claimed at a Mantua Township elementary school in 2012. "He was also asked to deliver the commencement speech at Gloucester County college — with my help — a pair of years ago."

Quigley turned the pooch’s tale into “Everybody Loves Elwood,” a children’s book that stated it’s okay to it is in different.

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